Effective documentation management in a manufacturing company – a how-to

Documentation is one of the staples in virtually all organizations, regardless of what they do. Every day, companies in the manufacturing industry have to deal with processing extensive number of documents, ensuring proper documentation workflows and handle obligations stemming from tax and other legal regulations. This requires the implementation of modern concepts and IT solutions, which can make document management workflows easier and more efficient in any manufacturing company.

Electronic document workflow in a manufacturing company

Companies that are conscious and aware of what they want to achieve choose electronic document management workflows. Why? Because at the cornerstone of this concept lies digitalization – conversion of all or some of company documentation into a digital form. Electronic documents are stored, accessed and processed in a digital archive accessible via a document management system – another tool in the document management toolkit. Together, they enable companies to streamline, optimize and automate all tasks concerning company documentation, which brings numerous important benefits.

Thanks to the electronic document management workflow and automation of processes related to document management and handling, manufacturing companies can save time and money, while their employees can focus on value-added activities, which support the organizations and their growth. What is more, electronic document management workflows also eliminate the risk of human error, which can lead to significant financial losses and irreparable damage to reputation. All of this is made possible by the fact that the system holds the users’ hands, so to speak, by reminding about due payments. What is more, all files are available to users on the so-called need-to-know basis – only the authorized users can see the documents they need. All this increases the quality, speed and accuracy of business decisions, which all have a positive impact on the company and its growth, which results in achieving a competitive advantage.

Managing documents with dedicated IT software

Electronic document management workflow would have remained only a concept if it were not for the development of modern technologies, in particular innovative IT solutions. Document management systems (or DMS for short) are key in the area of working with business documentation. These solutions support users in the efficient, secure and effective management of digital documentation and records, facilitating handling related tasks and processes.

Modern DMS-class systems are usually advanced and highly-functional platforms. But if you need to find a system which enables companies to tackle even the most demanding and complex business scenarios characteristic for organizations in the manufacturing sector, you should take a closer look at innovative low-code platforms, which use cutting-edge technologies – workflow engine, no-to-low-code application development, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), OCR, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and many others, including bespoke solutions. Using them in a capacity of a document management system makes it possible to streamline the organization’s document workflow processes. As a result, companies in the manufacturing sector can gain better and more comprehensive control over all processes related to document management.


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