How Managing Agents can support Developers


With legislation changes on the horizon the world of property management is going to have to continue to evolve, and we’re positioning ourselves to be ready. With new regulations coming our way, how we communicate with residents will be changing and residents will expect to see how we manage that. So, our teams have been getting creative over the last few challenging years developing ways to help our clients and customers, because, as an industry, we need to stay ahead of the game.

Some of the ideas that bounced off the table have already been received as ‘refreshing’ and ‘necessary’ by our developer clients, and we’ve brought in new members of the team to help deliver them. Here are just a few…

Training for new build sales teams

Remus now offers comprehensive management company training to our clients’ sales teams, typically within 14 days of site launch. It’s partly an introduction to Remus, but more importantly provides education on the difference between a managing agent and a management company. Our training covers:

  • How Remus was appointed
  • The handover process
  • What happens to completion monies
  • What residents can expect post-handover
  • Detail of the service charge projection
  • Handover to residential control post land transfer

We also leave the sales team with informational materials to assist in the sales process.

Free ‘ASK THE AGENT’ Seminars

If the sales team training needs a top up, our seminars provide all the answers to questions such as ‘What does a Managing Agent do?’ in which the teams get a deeper dive into what we do and how we make it happen. We also explain the journey of a new development – from land acquisition, through the technical process to sales and then handover to management and beyond. Giving this level of information right, from the start, reduces queries when it matters and we’re now back on the road providing our training and seminars face to face.

Staff training

We have invested in more training for our property teams too. Training from the bottom up focuses on the lifecycle of a development, people skills and financial management, through to creating a robust community engagement strategy. All of which gives our teams a deeper understanding of the importance of their role in nurturing a thriving and well-informed community. Placemaking is a necessary part of what we provide as managing agents and often requires detailed knowledge of complex environmental issues, so it is vital our property teams are equipped with the best information.

New appointments in customer service and estate mobilisation

Our new Customer Experience Manager, Jane Turner heads up our Customer Service department. She advocates picking up the phone to a customer, calming any issue and turning the situation around. No agent will get everything right all the time, and sometimes it’s simply an education process that gets the required resolution. Once the customer understands the ‘why’ and ‘how’ related to their query it becomes less of an issue (or not one at all).

Identifying that Estate Management is the way forward, we put together a system that educates purchasers of the value that estate management can give to their community. We also recognise that managing estates can require a different skill set to the management of apartment blocks and so have created a team dedicated to the handover of estates. Headed up by the highly experienced Mal Vickers to ensure a well maintained and beautiful environment for the community is met.

Community Engagement

When it comes to community building no one size fits all! We provide a bespoke Community Engagement Strategy for each of our sites that fits its environment and all who reside there, residents and wildlife alike. After a tumultuous few years, our aim is to help rebuild trust in group activities, lift spirits and get people back together, and with the help of a Community App that is based on social interaction specifically designed for community building, we’ll get there.

New build developments are so much more than a number of houses built in close proximity, or a block of apartments, and placemaking is now even more important to us, as we work with resident management companies to nurture a thriving environment for all. For more information on our approach to Open Space Management visit


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