Improve Thermal Insulation with Hörmann Loading Technology

Dock leveller HTL2 ISO6

Hörmann UK have announced the launch of a new, thermally efficient telescopic dock leveller the HTL2 ISO which provides up to 55% improved thermal insulation when compared to a standard dock leveller in both closed and loading positions.  Used in conjunction with their new slimline recess profiled sectional door it offers operators of temperature-controlled facilities the most energy efficient dock leveller and door combination on the market.

Pre-assembled with a 50mm insulation panel fitted below the platform, the HTL2 ISO also offers a unique, patent pending insulated panel under the moving lip.  The lip features a 390mm overlap length which ensures easy bridging of the gap between the leveller and lorry, offering flexible loading options whilst maintaining ambient temperatures.

All grooves, gap seals and vertical edges are optimally sealed to ensure that no heat transference is possible at these points.  The HTL2 ISO is available in standard sizes up to 3000mm in length and has a standard rated load of 60 kN.

The Hörmann new slimline recess profiled sectional door is equipped with a suspended bottom section making it suitable for loading bays with door operation in front of the dock leveller.  When in the closed position the bottom seal of the door rests on the insulated panel of the dock leveller, ensuring consistent thermal insulation.   Optimum sealing is achieved with the door being raised and lowered via a guide channel and a central sealing unit.

Phil Thorpe, Industrial Division Manager at Hörmann UK comments, “The introduction of the HTL2 ISO dock leveller, along with the new slimline recess profiled sectional door means we now can offer developers and operators a market beating combination of Hörmann quality and reliability, together with excellent thermal insulation properties. 

Once again, Hörmann have responded to changing operational needs and developed products that are unique to the market, we can proudly say ‘only from Hörmann’.”

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