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ENGINEERED with technology, sensors, and devices to assist with day-to-day tasks, aid independence and improve health and wellbeing, ADS Independent Living Solutions’ Smile Homes® – an Innovate UK-backed initiative – will see the creation of purpose-designed homes that are adaptable and able to meet the personalised needs and wishes of each resident.

A report by specialists at Social Profit Calculator into the social benefits these homes can provide has forecasted that an average of almost £375k will be created over each unit’s lifecycle.

ADS Independent Living Solutions is a social enterprise that delivers a ‘different solution’ for housing especially for individuals with challenges in living independently with learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder and mental health, behavioural and physical challenges.

The organisation’s Smile Homes® are constructed off-site to ensure quality, robustness, efficiency, and speed, being delivered volumetrically to minimise works on site. They are highly sustainable, low carbon homes with PVs, green roofing, and the ability to be removed and relocated or refitted and redeployed.

David Adams, chief executive at ADS Independent Living Solutions, said: “Our Smile Homes® are highly intelligent and are a new way of responding to the needs and wishes of people with learning difficulties, autism, mental health or behavioural challenges, or physical differences who want to be able to live independently.

“A huge benefit to Smile Homes® is the reduced risk of harm or accidents within the homes due to the tailoring of each unit to an individual’s unique needs, for example through avoiding stairs or trip hazards for physical needs, or use of textures, acoustics, or light requirements for sensory needs.

“At ADS, everything we do is about the people who live in our homes and their families. We know that the needs of end-users are often complex and always unique, so we strive to understand and tailor services to their requirements and alleviate the day-to-day challenges they face to afford them independence in their lives.

“As part of this work, we wanted to make sure we explored and demonstrated the tangible potential social value these homes can deliver, so we commissioned Social Profit Calculator to produce an in-depth analysis, which really helps to demonstrate the far-reaching benefits to everyone from the end-users to local authorities and the health service.”

The report forecasts an initial estimate for the social value each Smile Homes® unit could generate over its lifecycle. Fiscal, economic, wellbeing and environmental outcomes were all analysed, and where possible quantified and monetised.

For this project, there were 81 key outcomes identified through stakeholder engagement that could be quantified and measured. From this, SPC has calculated a forecast showing that during the lifecycle of each Smile Homes unit, an average of £374,540 will be created in Social Present Value (SPV).

This Social Present Value includes figures attached to project delivery, such as jobs created or safeguarded and LM3 economic outcomes from the supply chain during the manufacturing and instalment process, but also environmental elements including waste reduced, waste recycled, and reduced car miles.

The benefits for end-users include calculations around the A&E and dispatch savings created by reduced risk of harm or accidents to Smile Homes® residents, plus the all-important increased quality of life thanks to increased autonomy, independence and happiness, and reduced stress and isolation.

Angus Townsend, senior social value consultant and lead consultant on the Smile Homesâ report at Social Profit Calculator, said: “We are really pleased to have been able to calculate the social value of ADS Independent Living Solutions, helping showcase both the quantifiable and qualitative outcomes that the Smile Homes® initiative has the potential to provide.

“While we calculate the social value of schemes and projects, it’s really important to us as an organisation to play a part in making a real-life difference to people through involvement in diverse projects such as this one – and we look forward to seeing the residents moving into their new homes and reaping the numerous benefits this excellent scheme brings.”

The first unit has just rolled off the production line and is ready for deployment to a site in Mansfield and further units will be available and ready for occupation in 2022. To find out more about Smile Homes® or to get in touch, please visit

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