Real Estate Photography: What You Need to Know


Are you just starting in real estate photography? If yes, we have some fantastic tips for you. Here are some things you need to know.

·         It Is a Lucrative Field

 If you have been doubting whether you should go into property photography, don’t. It is a highly lucrative field. According to insights from the United States Department of Labor, a beginner can take home as much as $40,000 every year.

With a little more experience, earnings can rise to $100,000. Real estate photography is a niche area.  It tends to reduce the amount of competition you will have to deal with, so take the time to market yourself. 

Come up with a unique offering that your peers may not have thought about. 

·         Diversify Your Income

Look at other areas to diversify your earnings. Photo property images can make excellent online real estate magazines. You can also create 3D property tours for your client as an extra service.

Another idea is virtual staging. Use your images to fill up empty rooms. The clients will find it easier to sell a house that looks like someone lives in it. Learn more about the fascinating virtual staging by clicking on this link

·         Invest In the Right Equipment

Investing in the right equipment is critical as it will make your life so much simpler. Indeed, quality photography equipment is not cheap. But, look at it as an investment towards your career. Good quality will also give you long-term usage. You don’t have to keep replacing the equipment.

You will need:-

  • A camera. A good option will be full-frame cameras that work well for real estate photography. The other option is a camera with interchangeable lenses.
  • Wide-angle lenses  
  • A flash separate from the one on the camera. The inbuilt flash may not be strong enough to use in low-light situations. It will impact the picture quality.
  • Other essentials include memory cards, a tripod, a light stand and an umbrella. You will also need photo editing software. Are we saying that you need to buy everything at once? The answer is now.  Decide on the most critical first. With time you will stock up on everything you need. 

·         Have a Website and Social Media Presence 

A website provides so many advantages to real estate photographers. It is a fantastic way to get your name into the market. You also get to showcase your work on a professional easy to access platform. Take advantage of content creation to establish yourself as an authority.

One particularly good example of a property photography business, that have recently been expanding their online presence is Photo Property who operate in the UK. They’ve been developing their website, making it look more professional and user-friendly, and creating engaging content for their social media profiles. Overall a fantastic strategy for gaining new business.

As we’ve mentioned above, it’s important to have a strong social media presence. You get access to a broad audience base, who can end up being clients? Join relevant groups of like-minded individuals who work in real estate photography. Network like crazy so that you start to establish a name within the industry. 

Do not forget to link the social media sites to your website. It is a fantastic way to build organic audiences for both platforms. 


Real estate photography can be challenging but very rewarding. With proper marketing services, you will never miss clients. Be consistent, professional, creative and unique in your service offering.  Good luck in your career. 


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