SALTO XS4 One electronic lock now available in dark bronze finish

XS4 Dark Bronze Finish

With a large variety of models designed to fit any building’s needs, the XS4 One electronic escutcheon fits virtually any door, including wooden and PVC doors as well as those with narrow metal frames.

Until now, the Dark Bronze finish was only available for the XS4 ANSI models but this attractive contemporary finish has now been extended to the XS4 One family as well.

The new Dark Bronze option for the XS4 One product rangecompliments today’s design trends and blends perfectly with both white and dark doors, modern style and decoration.

With a large variety of models, XS4 One electronic escutcheons are all totally wire-free and networked through SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) and BLUEnet Wireless network for access control in real-time and compatible with smart phone mobile access.

They are simple and fast to install without having to replace or drill the door. High security protection is provided via high resistance, hardened anti-drill plates to protect the wiring and reader area. Hardened axes and floating steel balls provide additional protection in the handle area.

The new Dark Bronze Finish option has also been added to the SALTO MyLock online configuration tool, allowing users to now visualize this stunning finish for the XS4 One, XS4 One DIN and XS4 One Deadlatch (DL) models on any type of door. 


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BDC 301 February 2023