Stormking provides increased productivity to construction industry thanks to off-site prefabrication


Prefabricated Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) products, such as bay window roofs, door canopies and dormers, are enabling the construction industry to work far more efficiently, with off-site and modular construction processes helping to increase productivity. 

However, increased speed is not the only benefit these products are providing, as Andrew Almond, Marketing Manager at Stormking, a specialist manufacturer of offsite prefabricated GRP component products, explains:

“The prefabricated components product market has grown exponentially over the past few years, as more construction companies realise the many benefits they can offer. The rapidity of installation is only one such advantage these innovative products can deliver.

Installation with ease

“The ease with which these products can be installed is key to facilitating increased efficiency. This is achieved by manufacturing products offsite and delivering them in either their entirety or in a limited number of component pieces. They can then be ‘dry fit’ into place, which requires no specialist knowledge, training or tools by the installer.

“The ‘one lift’ method with which these products can be installed negates the need for specialist heavy lifting equipment or independent scaffolding, which are often required to install like-for-like ‘traditionally’ manufactured structures. Combined, these benefits are saving construction companies both time and money.

“When specifying prefabricated, modular constructed products the developer is not only protecting its bottom line, but also helping to significantly reduce its on-site health and safety issues.

Safety first

“Potential hazards and installer injuries can be reduced and, in some cases, avoided, due to prefabricated components being extremely lightweight compared to their traditionally made counterparts, making them easier to handle and quicker to install, especially at height.

Quality as standard

“The benefits of prefabricated products to the construction industry are obvious. However, to take full advantage of these benefits, choosing the right products from a trusted supplier is crucial. As with any conventionally constructed component, you should not have to comprise on quality when it comes to prefabricated products.”

Why Stormking?

Stormking has been hand producing prefabricated products in the UK for over 35 years, engineering market leading product knowledge along the way.  This has allowed for the development of the ideal high strength to weight ratio requirements for its range of building components, all of which have been specifically designed to be light weight yet extremely strong, stable and durable.

Andrew continues: “Stormking takes pride in the knowledge of both its products and those industries it serves. This expertise has enabled us to lead in the field of GRP product development and standards, resulting in our extensive range of components being awarded the BAA (British Board of Agrèment) certification.  This impartial third-party verification gives our customers the peace of mind that they are receiving only the highest quality products, supplied by a company they can trust.”

The perfect prefabrication partner

“Choosing the right supplier, who can deliver on time and meet your schedule, is just as important as selecting the best components for your project. Stormking is not just a manufacturer, we are a partner, providing our customers with guidance throughout the entire purchasing process and beyond. From choosing the most suitable components, to installation advice, aftercare and repair services, Stormking provides a holistic approach for its customers.”

Andrew concludes: “The construction industry is moving at pace and construction companies require products that enable them to keep up – and it is only prefabricated product suppliers, such as Stormking, that can meet the volume and quality the industry currently demands.”

Further information about Stormking and its range of products can be found at , emailing or by calling 01827 311 100.


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