Things to Take Note of While Selecting a Solar Installer


Installing a solar power system is a big decision. Finding out the right installer is a bigger decision. A solar panel investment is a matter of more than twenty-five years, and you cannot hire just about any company, which claims to install solar panels. It will help if you choose a solar installer who carefully looks at your requirements, your roof, stands behind their work, and honors any warranty.

Take a look at the website and company values

The company’s mission and vision statements, objectives, and values offer a glance into a business’s DNA, and you understand how you will be treated as a customer. If the values of the company match with what you are looking forward to, shortlist it.

Look at their experience and longevity

Gain information about the number of years they have been working in this field. If they are reliable, they will mention their past projects on their websites. Spend some time checking those and the certifications of the company.

Examine the warranties

Solarpower panels last for years without much maintenance. If an issue occurs, you should know who to contact. The solar energy system has several warranties, from the manufacturer warranties for various parts to workmanship warranties from installers.  The latter warranty adheres only to the specific work performed by the installer and usually spans over a period of ten years.

Understand the warranty carefully to know what is included or excluded and check with the installer to learn about hidden aspects of the warranties. Also, ask the installer if you have to pay charges during the check or replacement of any equipment.

Who will install the system?

Full-service installers involve their in-house team members to complete the project – designing, installing, monitoring, and maintaining.

Sometimes, solar installers depend on subcontractors to perform all or part of the work involved in installing the system. There is nothing to be disappointed by this as it is a normal practice in the industry. You have to pay attention to the level of transparency from the installers about who will install the system – the installers themselves or the subcontractors. Also, try to know why they use the subcontractor and what portion of the work will be done by the subs. Everything boils down to one point – who will be responsible if there is a problem and who will you go to for a solution. If they answer clearly, you can go ahead with the company or switch your attention to its competitors.

Verify their online reviews and speak to their customers

Never hire a company without listening to or reading the recommendations. You may talk to friends and neighbors who have also installed solar panels. The reviews about a company from its users and customers are a great way to know about its services. Check out social media platforms and Google reviews to get an insight into the company’s workmanship.

Peace of Mind

A purchase should never pressurize you. Is the installation company pushing hard? If yes, you may not be alarmed immediately as many reputable solar installers offer incentives to their staff with commissions. But, if you notice that the representatives are moving from door-to-door, insisting you sign a contract without reading it and convincing you that solar will be great for your roof while others refuse to install without repairing the house, understand that these are signs of high-pressure sales tactics.

Keep your eyes and ears open for choosing a solar installer. Make sure that the company is reliable and has been in this industry for a long time.


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