7 Outdoor Project Ideas Using Wire Mesh


As a homeowner, the idea of sprucing up your home is always enticing and worth a try. The only problem is, you may lack the proper materials or the time to do so. However, if you find the time, you can turn your home’s interior and exterior to match your style, desire, and dream.

One way to improve your exterior appeal is by setting up different projects such as the garden, lawns, fences, and gazebos. Mostly, the materials used in the outdoor project should be durable because they’re constantly exposed to harsh elements. So most homeowners opt for materials such as metal mesh on most of their projects. The best part is that there are so many project ideas using wire mesh that you can try.

Wire Mesh Ideas

Wire mesh is so versatile that there are many DIY projects you can do to improve your home. Here’s a list of some outdoor projects to try with wire mesh:

1. Fencing

Fencing is the most common use of wire mesh, especially for people who want to keep animals out or inside the home. The design of wire mesh makes it perfect in restricting small animals like chickens and dogs, which makes it perfect for garden fencing and home fencing.

Once you plant your garden, you can use stainless steel mesh to protect the area against people and animals. Another reason wire mesh is perfect for garden fencing is that you can still perform regular maintenance such as irrigation through the mesh without stepping into the garden, protecting your plants.

2. Bird Feeder

If you’re a bird lover or you keep chicken at your home, then using wire mesh to create a bird feeder is a perfect choice. A bird feeder made from wire mesh is easy to use and clean. Once you fed the birds or your chicken, you can gently tap the feeder to remove any debris remaining. Making a bird feeder using wire mesh is also a simple DIY project as you’ll only need wood to hold the mesh.

3. Protect And Train Plants

If you want to protect a plant such as a tree or a flower, especially if they’re not in groups, you can use wire mesh to protect them. The flexible nature of wire mesh makes it possible to enclose the plant within and protect it from external threats. Also, the wire mesh will train the plant to grow in a particular direction.

4. Stair Rail Guards 

Though staircase accidents are rare, they can still happen, especially when children play on the stairs. Accidents can happen when children fall off the stairs from the space between the stairs and the stair handles. Using wire mesh on wooden and DIY staircases is becoming popular as it helps in preventing such accidents. When children are playing on outdoor stairs, there’ll be no risk of them falling off.

5. Chicken Coop

Keeping chicken can be distressing if you let them roam as they can eat the grass on the lawn or the vegetables in the garden. However, that shouldn’t deter you from keeping them because a wire mesh can solve that problem. Wire mesh can be used to build chicken coops, allowing you to control your birds and only let them out when you want to. You can also use the mesh to build cages for other small birds and rabbits. Just ensure the cage is safe for the birds or small animals to stay in.

6. Outdoor Chandelier 

Outdoor lighting is one of the most creative ways to spruce up the exterior of your home. It gets much better if you bring the chandelier out and illuminate the night. Because a normal chandelier wouldn’t have enough protection outdoors and can easily get damaged, you can use wire mesh instead to protect the bulbs.

Even with ordinary bulbs, you can hang them using wire mesh so that they appear like a chandelier hanging from trees and other outdoor spaces.

7. Kitchen Utensil Rack 

Once in a while, you’d want to place your utensils outside to dry in the sun. Instead of taking the utensil rack from the kitchen to the backyard then bringing it back, which is too much work. You can build an outside rack; a combination of wire mesh and wood, metal, or plastic can make a durable outdoor rack.

After washing the utensils, the wire mesh allows the water to drain from the utensils, achieving perfect drying.


Having wire mesh at your home is an excellent addition as it allows you to try different outdoor ideas to improve your curb appeal. A wire mesh is flexible and can be bent and joined with other materials such as wood, making it a versatile material. The outdoor projects discussed in this post are part of the many others you can try with a good quality mesh.


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