A Newly Designed Home EV Charger Saves Time and Money

A Newly Designed Home EV Charger Saves Time and Money

Easee, the company behind ‘the world’s smartest EV charging robot’, has launched the Easee One, the latest intelligent home EV charger. The 7kW smart charger can be controlled through a smartphone app for the customer’s ease of use. Its inbuilt Open PEN Fault Detection enables faster install with no need for additional earthing solutions.

“All our chargers are easy and quick to install, but the Easee One is tailor-made for UK homes. The increased speed, affordability and ease of installation will make it a real hit with UK installers,” said Effie Vraka, Country Director UK at Easee.

The Easee One is future ready for aspiring multi-EV households, with an automatic load balancing system that enables up to three Easee One Charging Robots to run from a single supply. When two or more Easee One chargers are in use, they communicate to ensure vehicles are charged evenly and that the fuse is never overloaded.

“The Easee One comes in three parts – the Easee Ready docking station, the Charging Robot, and the cover. So, if a customer thinks they might want to add more chargers at a later point, the installer can connect extra docking stations and fit them with blank covers. When a new Charging Robot is required, a competent person can clip one on within minutes,” Effie Vraka added.

Features include:

  • Compact size – 69% smaller than other comparable solutions.
  • Integrated Open PEN fault detection – reduced time and cost to install and no additional earthing solution required.
  • WiFi and 4G connected.
  • Free Cloud-portal offering:
  • Remote fault detection
  • Site/workplace charging management
  • Consumption reporting
  • Five different colours to choose from.
  • Fully dynamic charging power 1.4-7.4kW.
  • Works with all EVs and PHEVs.

The Easee One home EV charger is being launched at a time when many EV charger producers are struggling due to a global shortage of semi-conductors. However, Easee has secured significant component supplies and is well on track to meet its production targets and anticipated market demand.


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