ENERGY CRISIS EXPERT COMMENT – Mike Foster CEO of Energy Utilities Alliance


Mike Foster, CEO of the Energy and Utilities Alliance, says: “The current energy crisis around gas supply and demand was entirely avoidable but that doesn’t help solve the problem now. In the short term, the tools available to help are limited and expensive but may be necessary to keep fuel poverty levels in check; to keep the lights on whilst still keeping an eye on our emissions.

“In the longer term much more can be done and should be. This crisis should act as a wake-up call to get on with improving the energy efficiency of buildings; of ramping up of zero carbon power generation, that’s nuclear, wind as well as gas with CCS; but most of all seizing the opportunity to massively invest in hydrogen production, so we are no longer dependent of geology for our energy.

“Above all, this crisis should put pay to the notion that we should electrify all domestic heating in the UK. We simply cannot load high seasonal heating demand onto a system that cannot cope. It would be reckless and irresponsible to do so.”


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