Making Your Kids Room A Gamer’s Paradise


Just a few decades ago, gaming was restricted to a couple of well-known consoles and hundreds of discs or gaming cartridges that you’d usually find in your older siblings’ bedroom. Fast forward to 2021 and gaming is bigger than ever! With more console and gaming options than ever before, as well as live streaming, online gaming platforms, influencers and professional gamers making the industry popular and appealing to boys and girls of all ages and abilities – gaming is no longer a pastime that was once reserved only for teens, it’s part of everyday life and even influences the career choices of our children who want to work within the industry full time as gamers, designers, storyboard creators or even testers.

So, if your child is serious about gaming, whether as a career choice or just for fun, turning their bedroom into a gamer’s paradise can help them make the most of this fascinating and fast-paced industry. Read on for some amazing gamer-bedroom ideas.

A New Bed

Did you know that a gaming bed for kids is something that really exists? It’s true! These incredible sleeping options house the gaming area underneath the high sleeper unit, with cable tidies for wires, LED lighting, and a chair bed that converts from a sitting area to a sleeping space for visitors, gaming beds are the perfect addition to any little gamers room.

Not only will they keep their gaming paraphernalia tidy, but it also prevents their rooms from becoming cluttered with big desks and heavy furniture. The gaming area is also tucked away underneath the bed, which means they’ll be able to settle peacefully without being distracted by flashing consoles or charging lights keeping them awake.

A Gaming Chair

If you’re sticking with the traditional desk and chair option, then it’s worth upgrading their seating options to support their back and neck, and ensure that they’re comfortable when playing. Adding a gaming chair gives you plenty of options to work with, including chairs with surround sound built-in, chairs with charging ports and storage or something simplistic with their favourite character on will also look great.

Install Some Good Lighting

LED strip lights are always a good choice for gaming areas and can really enhance the experience by backlighting their equipment. You can purchase LED lighting that sticks to any surface and if you choose one with smart technology, you can find lights that sync with monitors and screens for a reactive experience.

Add Some Fun Accessories

Whether you have a young boy gamer just getting started, or your tween girl is a fully-fledged gaming enthusiast, decorating their room with some fun gaming accessories will look great. Try some themed pillows and bed linen, wall stickers of their favourite characters and logos, figurines and fun shelving, even wall art and themed storage options.

Final Thoughts…

Gaming is a great hobby that could be the start of an interesting and rewarding career! Even if they don’t have big plans for the future just yet, upgrading their bedroom into a gamers paradise will certainly get a thumbs up! 


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