New power distribution range sets new bar for efficiency


Legrand UK & Ireland has upgraded its range of busbars and tap-off boxes, which have been redesigned to improve efficiency and the life cycle of systems available to electrical specifiers.

For those facing the challenge of futureproofing buildings, the Zucchini XCP range from Legrand is the latest collection of busbars and tap-off boxes for efficient power distribution for multi-occupancy residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Designed to lower energy consumption and losses, the new XCP-HP (High Performance) busbar delivers significant energy cost savings and helps to reduce the environmental impact of the building in which it is installed.

According to Legrand, specifiers face increasing pressure to deliver electrical systems which keep up with changing power requirements and efficiency credentials. Paul Martin, Lead Marketing Manager for Legrand’s Power Distribution business unit, explains the importance of specifying suitable solutions:

“We are more reliant than ever on equipment in buildings and yet professionals in the sector are required to deliver on more stringent efficiency measures. The new XCP range provides an update to match the fast-changing power requirements that all buildings across the country are experiencing. With more use of electrical equipment, there is a need for all manner of power distribution solutions which can keep up with the changing demands across its lifespan.”

To support the futureproofing of buildings from a safety perspective, the range can be quickly installed and visually inspected for correct connections due to the shear off bolt connections. This can reduce the risk of bad connections which cause over heating problems.

The XCP range is also available with a two-times rated neutral phase conductor option, helping to mitigate the addition of electronic devices into a building. This option helps specifiers ensure the system keeps up with the ever-changing electrical demand and does not overheat due to electrical imbalances.

Given every project has different requirements, the entire range comes with a comprehensive, market-leading selection of plastic and metal tap-off boxes, rated 25- 250A and 63-630A respectively. To further suit different levels of specification, the range is complemented with the XCP-S (Standard) busbar, to give projects a more cost-effective specification.

Paul says: “With safety and long-term efficiency key for consultants, the XCP range gives peace of mind that a building’s power distribution is futureproofed and remains cost-effective for the duration of the building’s life cycle. Suited to all manner of projects and the varying power outputs they require across sites, we aim to give specifiers everything they require from one high power range.” For more information on Legrand’s range of Zucchini XCP busbars, visit:


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