Why Consumers are Buying Made to Measure Curtains in Surrey


Curtains come in all sorts of fabrics, colors, and sizes. While there’s a wide selection to choose from, there’s always that possibility that your choice won’t be the best one for you and your home.

When you choose to buy made to measure curtains in Surrey, however, you’re opening the door to a whole host of new options. You can choose accessories such as fabrics, for example. Made to measure curtains are cut at the right size for your windows. And, as they’re personalized, you won’t find them anywhere else. Here are five reasons why you should consider curtains.

They Perfectly Fit Your Windows

The main benefit of investing in made to measure curtains is the fact that they‘re cut for your window measurements. With so many curtains available on the market, finding the right size isn’t easy. When you go with a custom option, however, they’re guaranteed to fit your window.

They’re Cost-Effective

Made to measure curtains are made with high-grade materials. In the majority of cases, you’ll get a warranty with your curtains to give you a money-back guarantee and peace of mind should you be unsatisfied with the quality. As made to measure curtains are more durable than regular ones, they won’t need replacing as often. They might cost more in terms of the purchase price, but their cost-per-year is lower, as there won’t be a need to replace them. That makes them a great choice for the long term. One thing to note, however, is that they typically aren’t returnable.

They Come in Abundance of Patterns and Colors

You can have a specific style when you take the made to measure route. You’re free to blend various colors and prints in order to establish a look that showcases your individual style. You can change curtains to suit the weather with each passing season.

They Help Control the Light

Depending on where your windows are positioned, your made to measure curtains enable the optimum amount of light to enter your room. If you want more light, you can opt for a linen or another thick fabric. Or you can choose a thicker fabric in order to block out the light. If you want to block natural light, a thick cotton fabric lining would be a good choice. Another option are curtains with 50 SPF that are also able to block smokes and moistures.

They’re Energy Efficient

Along with adding elegance to your home, made to measure curtains can save you money by reducing your energy bill. The insulating properties help your curtains block outside temperatures from entering the room.

They Offer Personalization

Nuance is the essence of personalization. Traditional interior home decor, for example, is known for such intricate details, evergreen fabric designs like floral and damask, pleated headings, and heavier curtain fabrics. Luxury curtains enable you to personalize all aspects of fabric design, an option that is impossible with regular curtains.

They Offer More Compatibility

Handmade curtains are compatible with more accessories than you’d find available for regular curtains. If accessories appeal to you, such as curtain swags, curtain pelmet, or curtain valance, they work better with made to measure curtains, the quality of which enhances the effect on the other soft furnishings you have for your window decor.

They Provide More Functionality

With regards to the curtains’ functions, you’ll have your individual preferences. You may want your home to be of equal comfort during both summer and winter. Your curtain’s lining determines such functions. Typical lining varieties include thermal, acoustic, blackout, interlining, and standard.

While lining options are available with regular curtains, it can be difficult to find a set with your preferred fabric style and required lining type together. Most of the time, one needs to either trade in fabric style for functionality or vice versa. Made to measure curtains means you don’t have to make these compromises.

In Summary

Made to measure curtains add to your home’s visual appeal. Not only that, but they also provide the ability to be tailor-made to your particular requirements. Think about buying made to measure curtains for a quality window dressing. The benefits they provide make for a valuable addition to your home.

More and more people are choosing to go with made to measure curtains. Another benefit is that these curtains are available at various price points, much like regular curtains. So once you’ve worked out your budget, preferences, and needs, you can dress up your windows in curtains that present both style and personality.


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