Why You Should Call An Expert To Replace Your Carpet



We have all been there — sitting in the living room with a dirty, dingy carpet with stubborn stains from who-knows-when. It can be unsightly and frustrating to come home to an old and worn carpet especially after countless exasperated attempts to steam clean, scrub the dirt off, or get the smell out to no avail. In times like this, it is tempting to rip the carpet all off and replace it with a plush new one by yourself. However, you might want to call a professional for this, replacing your carpet on your own may not be the best idea.

Ripping Up a Carpet Is Not Easy

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to ripping up a carpet, they are extremely bulky and weigh more than you think. Carpeted floors are firmly attached to the floor and walls by tack strips. Tack strips refer to the pieces of wood, hammered down with lots of nails that help to grip onto the carpet and keep it in place. It takes a lot of upper-body strength to pull the carpet from these strips and can be quite dangerous as well. Once the carpet is pried off the tacks, the tack strips will have to be separated from the floor too, after which the carpet pad will have to be taken out. This can prove a challenge as some carpet pads are stapled on, while others are adhered to by glue, which will require you to scrape the old glue off. It is not as easy as just tearing the carpet off, the process of carpet removal can be physically exhausting. If you ever need extra help, you can consider Ride On Floor Scrapers.

Fixing Up The Subfloor

There are many unexpected surprises that people encounter hidden underneath the carpets on the subfloor. Ranging from large cracks, termite infestations, or rotting wood due to an unknown leak. The damage will then have to be addressed before the new carpet is installed onto the floor especially if the damage is severe. 

Choosing the Right Carpet Pad

Picking the right carpet is more than choosing colors and textures from the samples available at your nearest hardware store. In fact, we think that the part that others tend to overlook is when picking out the appropriate carpet padding. Many tend to spend more money on an expensive carpet and skimp out by getting a cheaper carpet pad. This can be quite problematic as low-quality pads will not be able to properly;y support the carpet, causing it to deteriorate at a faster rate. The carpet pad also affects the foot feel of the carpet, hence it is imperative for most people to test out the pads first before committing to the purchase.

Getting the right carpet and padding to suit your lifestyle can be difficult particularly because there is a large range to choose from. For instance, most pet owners will want to opt for a carpet and padding that will not retain the pet’s smell or hair, especially if the pet is not litter trained. In cases like these, guidance from an expert will really help to ease the process. They will help you assess what type of carpets are suitable for your family and allow you to test out the carpet and padding before it is set up in your home. 

Finding Specialized Equipment 

There are some specialized tools to make sure the carpet is installed properly. Basic tools that are needed for carpet installation include a dolphin knife in order to trim the edges straight, a carpet seam iron to join carpet pieces uniformly, and carpet stretchers to ensure that the carpet is tightly stretched across the floor. The cost of purchasing these tools can add up, and may not be worth it for one-time use. Additionally, they are hard to source, and might not be readily available at your local hardware store. These tools are not easy to use either, and they take some trial and error before getting it right. Fortunately, most professional carpet installers have these tools on hand and can be of great help. 

Arranging The Carpet is Tough

The misconception that many have is that you can simply arrange and measure the amount of carpet to purchase by the square foot of the space. This is unfortunately not true, as are other things to consider when arranging the carpet so as to avoid unsightly seams and mishaps. If your carpet of choice has graphic prints on it, then you will need to arrange it so that the graphics line up properly. Some professional assistance can save you the headache of trying to figure out the best arrangement by yourself, as it can be hard to visualize. They will also help to account for extra allowances needed and ensure that the carpet’s direction remains continuous throughout the whole area. Exposed seams are not only an eyesore but can also cause the carpet to come apart after some use. 

Installing The Carpet Takes Skill

Most rooms are quite awkwardly shaped, they are hardly ever an ideal square or rectangle. Hence, trying to install a carpet might be a tricky task if you are inexperienced. There might be ripples and creases if the carpet is not properly stretched, and any columns in the space will require techniques to circumvent them. If this is your first time installing a carpet, the finished product might not be ideal, which may be a great source of frustration in the future. 


Flooring makes up a big bulk of the aesthetics of your house, especially for a carpet which should ideally last a pretty long time. It may be a little pricey to engage the help of an expert, but you might want to think twice before attempting to replace your carpet by yourself. As much as doing it yourself might seem attractive, the costs will add up and you might end up with an end product that you are not satisfied with. Due to these reasons, we think it is best to hand your carpeting project over to an expert with a good track record instead. 


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