Design Features that 1M Homes Have in Common

Design Features that 1M Homes Have in Common

While most of us can only aspire to live in a million-pound property, that doesn’t mean that we can’t make our homes feel like a modern mansion. Design inspiration is drawn regularly from the rich and famous, but which luxury home features are more accessible than we may think?

Windows and doors specialists, Genesis Collection have analysed property data to reveal the features that the UK’s million-pound properties have in common.

The investigation, which involved deep-diving into hundreds of properties across the UK that are currently available on the market, found a total of seven unique features that were a recurring theme throughout. The good news? Lots of these home features are readily available to the wider public, which means everyone can draw inspiration and add a little luxury to their own spaces.

Floor to Ceiling Glass Doors

This feature was by far the most repeated design element encountered throughout the UK’s high-end properties. Whether sliding patio doors or aluminium bifold doors, the designs and colours varied by interior theme but the core design concept remained very much the same – floor to ceiling glass. As most of these properties also have large and beautifully landscaped gardens, it’s understandable why such a feature may be in high demand. However, the light inducing benefits of floor to ceiling glass are also popular, making this a highly sought-after element for any home.

Freestanding Bathtub

Though the style of many of the million-pound bathrooms varied, one common feature remained throughout – freestanding bathtubs. Whether the powder room was traditional in design, with Victorian-themed tiling and clean white features, or modern, with floor to ceiling marble, the inclusion of a freestanding bath is a clear indicator of a luxury home.

Design Features that 1M Homes Have in Common


Another stunning piece encountered in almost all million-pound homes currently on the market was a statement fireplace. Coming in a vast array of designs, a fireplace can easily compliment any interior theme, whether that’s farmhouse décor or minimalist chic. Similarly, to the kitchen island, a fireplace creates a focal point in any room and creates a highly sought-after cosy ambience.

Open Plan Space

Perhaps an interesting observation, each of the properties analysed all had a very similar approach when it came layout, with big open plan living spaces a theme throughout. Large kitchens continuing into dining rooms and dining rooms continuing into living rooms were all popular designs. Often, this open space is also extended seamlessly through glass doors into an outdoor the patio, creating the illusion of an even larger space, thus achieving a luxury look.


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