How to Look After Your Appliances So They Last Longer


Your appliances are a significant investment that provides a lot of value to your home. As such, you’ll want to keep them running at their best for as long as possible. Although typical wear and tear are ordinary for kitchen appliances especially, you can still maintain their effectiveness and efficiency for multiple years. Here are some things you can do to prolong the usefulness of your appliances.

Apply for Home & Contents Insurance

While most insurers will offer contents insurance by themselves, only the best home insurance companies in Australia cover your home and both the outside and inside. To cover your appliances, you’ll need contents insurance that protects your household items if they were damaged, stolen, or lost. Contents insurance also includes other electronics, furniture, jewelry, and tools.

Thoroughly Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Although detailed instruction booklets can be difficult to read through, it’s vital that you take the time to do so. The company that manufactures your appliances is knowledgeable on how to take care of their products. After reading the instructions, you’ll have a better idea of how to clean and preserve your appliances by using the products the manufacturer recommends.

Always Use Appliances as They Were Intended

Children love to climb inside dryers or stand on top of counter space near your dishwasher or stove. Make these areas off-limits to your children. At the same time, you need to lead by example by using a stool to reach higher shelving areas. You also have to stop leaving wet dishes in the dishwasher and clean towels in the dryer after a cycle to avoid further wear.

Keep Appliances Clean at All Times

Most appliances that use water are typically cleaner than ones that don’t but don’t skip over your washing machine or dishwasher on cleaning day. Since they also use soap, scum can start to develop inside and disrupt their cleaning cycle. Other appliances, like refrigerators, need to be cleaned regularly, inside and out, to remove dust and food particles to prevent mold growth.

Minimize Using Your Appliances When Possible

The more you use your appliances, the more wear they start to incur. To keep your stove, fridge, and microwave in tip-top shape, try to minimize the amount of time you use them. Even small changes to the appliances can help. For example, you can preheat the oven when you need to use it and turn it off after removing your food. Limit the number of times you open the fridge.

Clean Filters and Lint Traps as Directed

Appliances that use water or dry clothing will come with lint traps and/or filters. Lint traps are commonly used on dryers to capture loose lint that falls off your clothes. Remove lint every time you use your dryer to avoid a fire or clogs. Change filters on appliances like dishwashers and ice machines regularly to maintain high-quality drinking and cleaning water.

Don’t Slam Your Appliance Doors

Get out of the bad habit of slamming the doors on your appliances, especially on fridges, washers, and dryers. Not only will slamming your appliances potentially void its warranty, but you will also make your appliances wear out faster. Through constant slamming, you could eventually break the door switch or lid, which is a costly repair of $100-$300. 

Ensure Your Appliances Are Correctly Installed

If you have an electric stove that connects with burner prongs, you need to wiggle it around until the prong stays in the socket. Other appliances may also come loose, either through slamming or movement. Every few months, move your appliances until you can see the back panel and check for loose wires, faulty connections, or chewed-through cables. Promptly fix these issues.


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