Innovative partnership delivers life-changing tech to protect UK’s workforce


Sick days cost UK businesses around £77 billion in lost productivity each year, equating to roughly 30 days of absence per employee1. Poor or unmaintained ventilation can cause ‘sick building syndrome’ in employees and could lead to longer periods of staff absence and potential operational disruptions too.

In a bid to tackle this very real issue, Plasma Clean, trusted pioneers in innovative and affordable infection prevention solutions, has partnered with global tech company Airthings to deliver life changing air quality technology to protect the UK’s workforce.

This significant partnership between two leading providers of air quality technology can provide advantageous benefits for offices as well as health and leisure facilities and schools. Studies show these include long term cost savings, over 60 percent better cognitive performance and a 30 percent decrease in headaches and respiratory issues1.

Indoor air has been found to be over five times more polluted than outdoor air in the UK2. The impact of this is acute and has been directly linked to asthma, anxiety, lack of concentration, lower productivity and the increased spread of infectious diseases. 

The industry leading businesses have joined forces with the aim of helping everyone to breathe better air. Utilising Airthings’ highest grade air quality sensors, Plasma Clean will be able to monitor CO2, temperature, humidity, radon, VOCs, pressure, light and virus risk – all in real time. The battery-operated and wireless sensors can be placed in any building and indoor air quality with advanced cloud analytics is monitored through the comprehensive Airthings Dashboard via desktop.

Plasma Clean, which has been dedicated to improving indoor air quality for the last 13 years, will analyse the data collected to produce a detailed report complete with a range of recommended solutions for any identified inefficiencies. The recommendations give clients options to take the next step to neutralise bacteria and virus cells in the air, and ensure continuous disinfection.

Steve Keogh, CEO of Plasma Clean, explained, “We are thrilled to be announcing our partnership with Airthings, which will help to deliver life changing technology to offices, leisure and health facilities and schools across the country. 

“Without the proper ventilation systems in place, an office full of people can quickly increase the amount of harmful gases in the air and dramatically reduce the indoor air quality, impacting negatively on cognitive function.”

Airthings works with major brands and businesses to deliver affordable and innovative technology solutions to improve indoor air quality on a global scale. Airthings has sold more than 300,000 monitors worldwide with its premium product range.

Oyvind Birkenes, CEO of Airthings commented, “We’re so excited to be working with a like-minded company such as Plasma Clean. Our collaborative approach allows us to use the very best technology to analyse indoor air quality and deliver a solution to help protect people long term. Together we are dedicated to helping everyone breathe better air.”

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