Security composite panel specialist set for further growth after successful test of new range

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High security composite panels specialist Modular Security Solutions is providing the building sector with additional protection for people and assets, following the successful fire testing of its brand-new ULTRA composite panel system.

The Newcastle upon Tyne-based firm’s high security ULTRA composite panel system has now been tested to BS476- Resistance to fire at a UKAS (the United Kingdom Accreditation Service) approved fire testing facility and achieves 120 minutes on both integrity and insulation.

Testing on the new product line will give Modular Security Solutions’ customers additional peace of mind.

It will also broaden the company’s ability to support building contractors, security contractors, facilities managers, and end users with fire-tested panel systems in areas of high vulnerability, where defence against enhanced professional criminal attempts to access high value assets is required.

To gain the BSEN 476 certification, the panels were tested for 120 minutes for integrity and insulation. Integrity measures the system’s ability to stop flames or hot gases from passing from the ‘fire side’ to the non-fire side through openings such as panel joints and interfaces within the testing culvert, while insulation relates to the system’s ability to limit the surface temperature rise on the non-fire side.

During the UKAS-accredited testing procedure, the company’s ULTRA security composite panels were installed into a concrete testing rig and subjected to resistance testing from a furnace, which reaches temperatures of up to 1200°C.

Modular Security Solutions’ ULTRA composite panel system has been designed and tested to resist enhanced professional criminal attacks from a wide range of tooling, including not only mechanical and electrical power tools but also petrol driven disc grinders and chainsaw tooling elements.

Modular Security Solutions designs and supplies high security walling systems and enclosures which can be used to create new buildings and superstructures. They can also be retro-fit into existing buildings to security harden and fire-proof specifically identified areas.

Modular Security Solutions’ high security composite panels are manufactured with a fire retardant rockwool insulative core, to support fire resistance, and steel anti-cutting layers which ensure they have high levels of resistance to mechanical, electrical and petrol-driven tooling.

The high security composite panelling systems are fully modular and versatile. They can be rapidly installed and offer a significant reduction in labour costs, site down time and on-site trades, due to their convenient male/female slip joint and pre-finished appearance, which comes in a wide range of standard colours and finishes.

Mark Sutherland, Projects Director of Modular Security Solutions, said: “We’re very proud to have achieved this two-hour fire testing pass for the ULTRA composite panel system, as the testing process is extremely rigorous.

“The excellent performance of our panels during testing demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that fire safety and physical security are built into the sensitive environments and projects our systems are part of.

“Our panels’ combination of high security capabilities, fire resistance and build flexibility gives contractors a cost-effective solution for protecting high-risk areas, such as data centres, server rooms, laboratories and vaults.”

Modular Security Solutions offers a complimentary Security Design Package with every project, which details secure installation methods and ensures the interfaces between its systems and doors, windows, ventilation louvres and service penetrations are inbuilt and secure.

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