The bigger, the Better – Six ways small businesses can make big profits


Small business owners or newbie entrepreneurs have many things on their plates with little time to accomplish everything. However, it would be best to remain well aware that sales alone won’t decide your business’s financial success in the future.

Sure, significantly increasing your sales will lead to more profits in the future. But, you must never forget one thing – trying to increase your sales by applying every sales strategy you can find will only end up lowering your profit margins because if you’re spending more cash, you’re reducing your profits. 

That said, generally, when talking about financial success and profitability, the best thing to do here is to improve the variables that affect your business’s ability to earn a profit. Typically, these variables range from accounting practices to marketing efforts to your employees and everything in between.

Ultimately, you’ll have to change or optimize your business practices if you are to increase your profits tenfold. So, let us look at a few ways your small business can make big profits.

Train your employees.

It is a well-known fact that helping your employees improve their productivity levels will lead to more satisfied customers, more sales, and enhanced profitability. Not to mention, it will also reduce the chances of operational errors and mistakes when your workforce doesn’t have to perform the same tasks repeatedly. 

That said, an easy way to improve your employee’s productivity and efficiency is by educating and training them. Doing so will allow you to enhance their knowledge base and skills necessary to conduct business operations more effectively while making them feel like a valued part of your business.

So, whether you decide to enroll them into higher education programs like an online MBA no GMAT required degree or send them to employee training camps, it is all about showing commitment to their progression.

Furthermore, taking this initiative will give your employees a sense of encouragement, motivating them to perform with excellent efficiency and dedication towards achieving your business’s unified goals. 

Work on your website. 

Potential customers will often visit your business website to look for information about your business and its products/services before purchasing. So, it is a no-brainer to improve your prospects’ online experience by enhancing your website’s quality.

With that in mind, your website should allow you to accomplish a few things;

  • Provide information about your business, products, and services
  • Entice potential customers into buying something
  • Offer them an excellent online shopping experience
  • Provide 24/7 customers support services

So, by ensuring that your business website has the best design language, is up-to-date, and is user-friendly, potential customers won’t think twice before clicking the purchase button. Plus, before your website is up and running, consider performing an SEO audit.

Doing so will enable you to identify areas of your website that you can improve upon to reach the top of SERPs. 

Communicate with your customers regularly. 

These days, customers want to build solid relationships with the business they wish to affiliate with, especially in today’s all-digital world. However, have you ever thought of the advantages of doing such a thing?

You probably haven’t. These days, large businesses treat their customers like cash cows. They want to milk them for every last penny they have.

That said, by improving customer-business relationships through continuous interaction, you’ll be able to receive insights into what your customers like and what they dislike. That said, communication always is a two-way street.

So, to get the most profits out of this interaction, consider offering them discounts, sales, offers, and free product/service trials, to name a few. Doing this will allow you to actively communicate with them while improving your profits in the process. 

Automate your business processes.

One of the easiest, most effective ways to improve your small business’s profitability is business process automation. Plus, this will also reduce operational costs and enhance efficiency in the process.

After all, an excellent, cost-effective process automation software or service will allow you to automate business processes ranging from payroll management to product packaging to inventory management to everything in between. 

In the end, automating your business processes will reduce the workload from your employee’s shoulders. As a result, they will perform more efficiently at work and focus more on other critical areas of your business. Just imagine this – would you rather have an employee working on customers service or sit around the warehouse packing orders?

Through BPA(Business Process Automation), you can easily automate your order packaging to provide your employees with the time to work on more important business aspects.  

Reduce the prices of best-selling items. 

Your best-selling services and products are something that your consumer knows your business by. In fact, it is your company’s identity and shows every consumer that you are a market leader on a particular subject matter or solution.

So, whether you provide a base-level product or a no-frills service to your customers, it would be wise to capitalize on the situation and cut down the prices of your best-selling products/services. 

Doing so will allow you to attract customers into buying the products/services your business is known for. Although you will reduce your prices, you will sell larger quantities of such products/services and earn more profits in the long term.

Then, after new customers become loyal to your brand, you can then utilize up-selling and cross-selling techniques to make even more profits. So, in the end, whatever strategy you go with, offering your best products/services for a fraction of the price, compared to what your competitors offer for the same products/services, will undoubtedly allow you to sell more and earn more!

Partner up with other businesses. 

Do you know of any non-competing business that targets the same customers as yours but caters to different customer requirements and problems? While you might not think of this as much when you run a small business.

However, know this – collaborating with such non-competing companies is an excellent strategy to sell larger quantities of your products/services and increase profits in the process. 

It can be something as simple as sending a newsletter to the other business’s customers or asking them to promote your products on their social media accounts. Whatever the case, always remember to set clear guidelines related to profits sharing, cost-sharing, and other business aspects. 


It is more vital than ever to be creative and innovate daily to run a profitable business. But, before you incorporate a new sales strategy or change your business practices, consider performing an audit of your expenditures.

Conducting an audit will enable you to reduce or eliminate unnecessary costs. Once you do that, you can then follow the ways mentioned in this article, as they will give you the platform to take your business to the next level and, hopefully, allow you to earn a buttload of cash.


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