Why outdoor lighting matters for landlords


All landlords understand the importance of ensuring that their properties comply with building regulations. They also make the necessary changes to secure fire, gas, and electrical certification. But things that are less heavily regulated tend to almost get forgotten.

The provision of outdoor lighting is a classic example of this. It is a long way down the list of most rental property owners’ list of priorities. Yet, installing it brings many benefits for the landlord as well as to the tenants.

Outdoor lighting makes a property more attractive

All landlords want their property to be as attractive as possible to tenants. The higher the standard of the finish is, and the more facilities you provide, the easier it is to rent out a property. For example, installing a set of heavy-duty outdoor festoon lights over a patio area opens up the chance for your tenant to enjoy that outside space in the evening. Socialising at home is becoming more popular, so little touches like installing deck lights or something similar can make a big difference.

The benefits of security lighting for property owners

It is also well worth considering installing security lighting. Again, there are many benefits for both tenants and property owners.

In some jurisdictions, the provision of security lighting is a legal requirement. Installing it ensures that you will not fail an inspection and be fined.

But, even in places where you are not legally required to install it, often, it is still well worth your while doing so. Studies show that a significant percentage of professional burglars are put off by security lighting. At least in areas where the property the homes are built quite close together or there is a lot of foot traffic. Anything you can do to reduce the chances of someone breaking a window or door to enter one of your properties is a good thing. You do not need the hassle or expense of having to carry out repairs after a home invasion.

There is also a good chance that your tenant will view security lights as a plus. Most people assume that they will be more secure living somewhere that has them rather than in a home that does not have sensor trip floodlights.

If you would like to learn more about how the installation of appropriate security lighting makes a property a more attractive proposition to tenants just click this link. When you do you will be taken to a page that outlines the results of several surveys and tests that have been carried out into the effectiveness of property protection lighting.

Outdoor lighting reduces the risk of accidents

Lighting up the path to a property considerably reduces the chances of someone tripping or falling. As does making sure that the area around the front and back door are well lit.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of installing outdoor lighting in rental properties, you can do so by clicking here.


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