Automating customer service does not need to be a compromise

Investing in improving customer service is a trend that has reached most of the world. The explanation for this can be found in how expensive it is to acquire a new customer, rather than keeping an existing one happy and satisfied. Customer satisfaction can be achieved relatively easy through having a great product or offering a great service.

It does however also include following the client through their whole purchasing experience or customer journey, from the customer first becoming aware of your product to showing initial interest to buying your product or service to finally evaluating both the product and process.

Being accessible and answering questions, reviews and other inquiries can go a long way in giving your customers a good experience with your brand.

Missing out on new business

A study was conducted which discovered that technology and marketing companies together with delivery services and home services such as plumber had the lowest response rate, out of 160 business sectors tested. For these businesses, only 5, 11 and 15% of businesses respectively answered incoming queries from new potential customers. Although this is only part of the customer journey, it is still fatal when businesses miss out on new clients that want to spend their money with them.

Even though there can be many explanations for this, it is always bad to miss out on new business. One reason could be that the business finds its schedule filled up with current business. That would, presumably, be the optimal reason for many to not responding to new work. If this is the reality, you would ideally be looking to expand your business. Bringing in more qualified personnel to take in the extra work is the best solution if you consider this demand for your services or products to be lasting.

Are you missing out on new business because you are ignoring your inbox, or not prioritizing new customers? Getting new clients is the culmination of all your marketing efforts and should therefore be prioritized just as much as you prioritize your email marketing, your social media efforts and the like. Otherwise, all that would be a waste of your time.

What is the solution?

You might not need to hire new personnel or prioritize your time differently to manage new incoming business. If you are a business with a busy inbox and a lot of different queries, you may be able to benefit from investing in your customer experience.

Advanced AI workflow software can be used to categorize all your customer queries. Its AI is designed to recognize every individual request it gets by using keywords and customer information. The eTray workflow software from Nexcom saves data and learns every time it is put to work.

This means that automating customer service becomes much less of a compromise between how much time you spend answering your inbox and how good the service you offer is. With this software, your company will be able to take full control over the customer journey.


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