Dura Products Supplies Thames Tideway’s Barn Elms Site

Dura Products Supplies Thames Tideway's Barn Elms Site

Sustainable construction innovators, Dura Products has won a contract to supply the Thames Tideway site at Barn Elms with its Durakerb product. The installation, delivered in partnership with Keyline Civil Specialists in London, will see over 1km ofthe company’s lightweight, environmentally friendly kerbstone installed along the main access route to the site, described as ‘one of the greenest sites on the Tideway project’.

Durakerb, made from 88% recycled polymers, is a lightweight polymeric kerb unit. With a carbon footprint of just 1.06kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kg, it offers a far more sustainable alternative than its concrete counterpart, as well as being safer, faster, and easier to install.

It will be fitted at the West London site, a key location for the construction of the ‘Thames Tideway Tunnel’, also known as London’s ‘super sewer’. The project, delivered by construction company Tideway, involves the installation of a 25km tunnel that will intercept, store, and ultimately transfer sewage waste away from the River Thames.

“More and more frequently, we are seeing construction companies opt for the green alternative, reflecting the industry’s commitment to reducing its impact on our planet. It’s particularly satisfying to be awarded a contract by a company that shares our ethos and are striving to make the world a greener place. We’re looking forward to assisting them in their mission to prevent millions of tonnes of sewage from entering the river each year,” commented on the contract, Steve Bennett, Managing Director of Dura Products.

The decision to opt for Durakerb reflects Tideway’s commitment to green construction and a focus on sustainability. In addition to the health and ecological benefits inherent in the project, the company have pledged to plant two trees for every one removed and use the river as their primary transport route between sites, in turn, producing fewer carbon emissions.

Such initiatives draw parallels with Dura ProductsThe companyuses a blend of recycled polymers to manufacture their products, ensuring it continues to divert waste from landfill and reduce demand for virgin plastic. The company’s green credentials were affirmed earlier this month with the announcement of new Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) for Durakerb and its two other products, Durachannel, a linear surface drainage system, and Duradrain, a dual function kerb and drainage system. The three products recorded carbon footprints of just 1.06, 1.47 and 1.71kg of carbon dioxide per kg respectively.


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