Edward Street Quarter development wins air-quality gold


Office workers at Edward Street Quarter in Brighton can look forward to being more alert, productive and healthier after the development received special accreditation for its design, that is set to deliver exceptional indoor air quality.

Brighton’s newest neighbourhood achieved gold certification, based on aspects of design that ensure the development continuously delivers healthy indoor spaces, courtesy of global indoor air-quality body AirRated.

Better ventilation reduces the risk of transmitting bacteria and viruses between people, helping to cut down infection rates of colds, flu and Covid-19.

Steve Eccles, Project Director at First Base, said: “This accreditation for the quality of the indoor air is fantastic news for our future occupiers who will benefit from increased energy levels and a healthier environment.

“Wellbeing is a huge priority for employees and business leaders. We’re confident that our clean-air status will be a big draw for the forward-thinking companies that decide to make Edward Street Quarter their home.” 

Francesca Brady, CEO, AirRated said: “For office workers, lots of factors can combine to have a significant effect on their health and productivity. Lower levels of CO2, achieved through better ventilation, improve performance.

“In fact, 1,000ppm of CO2, which is common in buildings, can have the same impact on cognitive function as two pints of beer.”

Some of the benefits of clean-air offices include fewer allergens, such as pollen. Particles which can cause asthma to flare up, such as dust and cleaning agents, are significantly reduced as well.

The quality of the finishes – paints, flooring and soft furnishings – were taken into consideration, as was the quality of the build and the surrounding pedestrianised areas.

Edward Street Quarter uses a triple stage particle filter system which reduces the amount of dust drawn into the building from sources such as traffic.

A comfortable temperature will be maintained all year round, while dehumidification and humidification techniques will help people to maintain good health.

Edward Street Quarter also uses paint to absorb CO2 – 45 litres of which, in the drying process, will absorb as much as one adult tree could in 12 months.

The development will include 125,000 square feet of flexible office space, 168 apartments, cafés, retail spaces and leisure facilities.

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