New climate change accountability global ecosystem stands out from the crowd as it is specially selected for presentation at COP26
New Energy Matrix Technology use for Tree Tagging to Validate a Green Initiative

A new technology platform which takes a huge step towards meaningful global climate change accountability has been specially selected for presentation as world leaders gather in Glasgow for the COP26 summit next week.

The New Energy Matrix is a global ecosystem software platform developed by Isle of Man-based data management specialists, Curtis & Associates Group, which allows citizens, institutions such as schools, companies great and small, and government regulators to post and monitor their carbon footprints and net zero targets in a transparent, fair, verifiable and immutable way.

A unique validation process within the decentralised ecosystem platform guarantees that there cannot be any zero counting or double counting of net zero efficiencies, and also addresses the vexed issue of “greenwashing”, where many companies claim to be offsetting their emissions without evidence or proof.

Curtis & Associates also has the credibility of practising what it preaches. While many companies have set net zero targets for dates in the future, it has become one of the few enterprises to have already achieved net zero for all *Scope emissions in 2020.

Jon Curtis

CEO Jon Curtis said: “One of our most important achievements is the company Gold Teak based in Indonesia, wherein we set up at the time of the Kyoto Protocol an agro-forestry project of over 30,000 teak, mahogany, acacia, jabon and fruit trees as an ethical investment, and which to date has sequestered over 16,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent as well as funding the re-building of the local school and mosque to the benefit of the local community.

“Over the years of its operation, we calculated that the cost of sequestering this carbon in the trees was only 0.3% of our total group turnover. So, it doesn’t have to cost the earth to save the earth.”

Mr Curtis has a track record in data management dating back to the boom years of the North Sea energy industry. After setting up his own company over 30 years ago, he conceived and built data sharing mechanisms which have now been re-designed to use as net zero target and progress monitoring systems for any industry in any country worldwide.

As one of the select group of companies chosen to present at COP26 through the Climate Chambers events between the 1st and 4th November, Curtis & Associates will demonstrate how the New Energy Matrix Ecosystem can be used by anyone and everyone to post carbon footprints and net zero targets.

The ecosystem software will be free for individuals, institutions, and non-profit organisations to post a yearly set of net zero scope emission data. Companies would be expected to contribute modest fees. The transparent nature of the ecosystem, and the huge importance of our collective decarbonisation efforts means that peer pressure within sectors would encourage mutual validation amongst leading companies.

Aerial View of the GoldTeak project

The New Energy Matrix will enable the creation of Green Ecosystem Certificates of Known Origin (GECKOs). These verified and immutable certificates can be applied to any industry on a global basis.

For organisations such as schools and universities, or other organisation seeking green finance, such verified information can give confidence to both government and private sector fund managers.

The New Energy Matrix validation system will be open source, thereby allowing citizens, institutions, and companies to build their own solutions to use on a common decentralised framework, anywhere in the world.

Mr Curtis said: “This is a major opportunity for businesses, which need to urgently collaborate with governments to address the immediate issue of climate change.

“While government can regulate, without the direct involvement of business, climate action will not succeed. The fair and universal system of green certificates will enable those common objectives to become a reality.

“We know that we must mitigate climate change by replacing fossil fuel sources with renewable and carbon-free alternatives and do so as rapidly as possible without destabilising industry and even entire countries.

“The New Energy Matrix will be an important deterrent to greenwashing, which involves companies misleading consumers about their green credentials and their overall environmental performance.”

The Curtis & Associates Group has offices in many countries across the globe. Its projects include EnergyVue, a platform for renewable energy operators.

It will present at COP26 on the 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th of November in association with the British Chambers of Commerce.

Local School Donation with Herawati Dewi and Adi Iswanto

Jon Curtis is available for media interview by arrangement through Blueprint Media on 0330 223 4288. 

*Scope 1 emissions are direct emissions. Scope 2 emissions are indirect. Scope 3 emissions relate to the supply chain.

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