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FOLLOWING a 12,000 ft² expansion, Mincon Carbide, leading tungsten carbide specialist manufacturers, enlisted the expertise of RB ALLAN & SONS Ltd and PermaRoof Commercial, part of PermaGroup, to secure its three-acre UK site in Sheffield.

The site, which has been the home of Mincon Carbide’s offices and factory for more than 70 years, has recently been refurbished by contractor RB ALLAN & SONS Ltd, to ensure it is waterproof and secure for years to come. The site redevelopment began in 2019 with the demolition of a derelict building, which was on the company’s grounds, making way for an extension of 12,000 ft² taking the full surface area to 35,000 ft².

Meanwhile, work on the roofing stage of the project began in June 2021, for which the PermaRoof Commercial team was appointed by RB ALLAN & SONS Ltd and Firestone to provide consultative and installation support, and is expected to be completed in phases over the next four years.

Sunny Lotay, national commercial manager for PermaRoof Commercial, said: “It is essential that prominent companies, such as Mincon Carbide, invest in their infrastructure to prevent potential issues from developing that, in turn, require potentially costly repairs. The refurbishment Mincon Carbide has undertaken at its site in the heart of Sheffield’s industrial region shows significant forward planning in the future-proofing of its operations from a structural perspective.”

As leading suppliers of roofing solutions and services, PermaRoof Commercial is working alongside RB ALLAN & SONS Ltd, who is responsible for the installation of a comprehensive Firestone RubberGard EPDM waterproofing system and Firestone HD Coverboard throughout the duration of the four-year project.

Craig Glasby, director of RB ALLAN & SONS Ltd, said: “We were thrilled to work with PermaRoof Commercial on this project for engineering leaders, Mincon Carbide. PermaRoof has supported with logistics surrounding materials and installation advice, ensuring the right solution was found for the challenges faced on site. The adaptability of the EPDM rubber roofing products that were specified means the job can be completed with confidence.”

The Firestone HD Coverboard was laid first on the corrugated roof to create a safe and workable space that could take foot traffic during the refurbishment works. Fixed roof ladders posed a unique challenge for standard rubber roofing as it was inflexible in the space, which could have led to potential waterproofing issues. However, PermaRoof Commercial utilised the qualities of liquid rubber to effectively seal the gaps around the fitted ladder, overcoming the issue of waterproofing in a difficult space.

Sunny continued: “The benefit of utilisng Firestone products with a PermaRoof Registered Installer (PRI) is the 20-year BBA approved warranty. By equipping our PRIs with the training and knowhow to make recommendations for challenges faced on each project, particularly renovations, it means projects that require our support, such as Mincon Carbide has with installers RB ALLAN & SONS Ltd, have the peace of mind in knowing their investment will survive the seasons for years to come.”

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