Professional Ways To Kickstart Your Interior Design Career


The British Institute of Interior Design has estimated that there are 20,000 people in the UK working as an interior designer. Like many professions however, there can be a big difference in the level of service that you get. If you are getting your career on the road as an interior designer, it will help you to obtain some professional qualifications and get some industry experience. Investing the time and effort into your career will set you above the competition, so that you can start to get a good rate for your services and expertise. 

Gaining qualifications

If you want to be an interior designer, you could simply advertise your services, but just because you know how to paint a room and buy some matching furniture, doesn’t mean that you’re adept as a designer. Gaining professional qualifications will show customers and potential employers that you have the knowledge to take on many different types of design projects. If you’re serious about becoming an interior designer then you should look to obtain some qualifications that are accredited by a recognised exam board or university. The undergraduate qualifications that have been accredited by the Chartered Society of Designers are a good place to start, or there are several UK universities that offer HND courses or a BA in Interior Design. 

Gaining experience

If you are relatively new to interior design, it will always help your career to gain some experience within the industry. You may ultimately have the goal of starting your own design business, but working for a company can help you hone your skills and get experience on larger projects. This will also give you the opportunity to discover your niche market, for instance, you might have a particular interest in space planning, kitchen design, or staging homes ready for sale. Designing for a company will look good on your C.V. and provide you with legitimate references that you can show clients or other potential employers. If you are struggling to find work within a company, you could also look for a paid internship, or even consider volunteering for a charitable organisation that is looking for decorating. 

Creating your portfolio 

If you want to gain new clients, it is important to have a good portfolio that you can back up your marketing. This will help a potential client to decide whether they like your design aesthetic and if you can present them with the finished space that they are looking for. It is a good idea to have both a digital portfolio and a paper portfolio folder that you can take with you to meetings. You should try and update your portfolio regularly, taking into account the current interior design trends and fashions, for instance, sustainability and ethically-sourced products are extremely important at the moment.  

If you are looking to start a career in interior design, it will help you to first obtain some good qualifications. After that, you can use job aggregators to find an exciting well-paying interior design position. You should then try and gain experience within your field to help you create an attractive portfolio to present to clients. 


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