Vogue (UK) 2022 Heating Trends

Vogue (UK) 2022 Heating Trends

The UK’s largest British designer and manufacturer of premium radiators and towel warmers, Vogue (UK), share its expert heating and bathroom trends predictions for 2022 and beyond.

Steve Birch, Sales Director at Vogue (UK) begins with saying, “We are finding new appetite for heating solutions that provide homeowners with all the advantages of warmth and style without the environmental impact and so this needs to be factored in to the overall ‘design picture’ from the outset. I believe this new desire has stemmed from the abundance of sustainable materials now available, for instance, aluminium heating designs which are now being considered as an eco-luxe choice for the modern bathroom. Given its water efficiency, flexible installation and lightweight material, aluminium is a great example of a sustainable material which can be endlessly recycled as an end product = designer radiators and towel warmers!”

So what else is predicted to shake-up the heating trends market in 2022? Steve explains:

Lifestyle heating: When looking ahead to 2022, it will be a case of ‘anything goes’ as many of us now have more confidence to take charge when updating our homes and so selecting the right heating design will be critical when designing in line with specific lifestyle preferencesWe are now in an era where you really can ‘be your own home stylist’ and meet your every need. With this in mind, robust materials and finishes on the darker spectrum like anthracite and black, will be just as desirable as vintage metallics and timeless white finishes as we move into next year.

In addition, hidden heating trends solutions which are designed as singular floating bars that can also come together in a range of styles and formations, are on the rise in the modern bathroom. With property experts indicating that house prices will continue to rise in 2022, personalisation in interiors is going to be fundamental moving forwards. Creative products like single bar heating will therefore answer demand from homeowners who appreciate traditional craftsmanship, coupled with the latest technology.

Vogue (UK) 2022 Heating Trends

Added value: The 2022 home is about adding value where there is none, offering easy living and high comfort that is both beautiful and practical. In light of this, en-suite bathrooms and cloakrooms continue to be a popular way to enhance convenience and add value to your home and research proves that over three quarters of home buyers are likely to offer more money for a house if these are on offer. It therefore makes sense to consider the virtues of wall-hung heating solutions next year, whether looking to upgrade an existing model or working on a new bathroom project, it is the extra features that will elevate the space. Foldaway heated shelves, integrated robe hooks, optional towel bars and even a built-in aroma oil dish so you can bring your favourite scents to the bathroom, are just some of the added-value features your radiator or towel warmer can benefit from so make sure to ask what extras are available: as standard and made to order.

Eco-design compliant: As energy prices rise, so too does market demand for heating solutions that can give homeowners all the advantages of warmth and style, whilst being kind to the pocket and environment. As a result, ‘doing the right thing’ has now become an essential part of the design and manufacturing process and to answer demand, you can now choose from a range of green heating solutions that will become a market mainstay moving forwards. Be it material or a specific eco design element, products which are environmentally compliant are set to make a name for themselves next year with no signs of abating.


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