What Types of People Are Found in Online Casinos


Have you ever wondered what types of people visit online casinos? Well, the short answer is all types. Even when you think of brick-and-mortar casinos, the demographics are changing. We used to see only rich people in their elegant black-tie outfits, however, when you step into a casino hotel in Las Vegas today you will find all sorts of people. If you want to play casino games online the choices are almost infinite and online gambling is available for everyone over the legal age in countries where it is legal to gamble. So who visits online casinos? A Portuguese iGaming expert, Martim Nabeiro gave us the answer to this question. 

The Free-game Lovers

You may be surprised to learn that most online casinos offer demo versions of their games. People who are only after entertainment and not money often play free games at casinos. In these games, players don’t risk anything but they can’t cash out anything even if they win. They can still enjoy the great gameplay and kill some time in a way that is more interesting than just watching tv. 

Most online casinos that accept players from Portugal, such as casino888 offer free games after registering and some do even without registering. 

The Money-makers

Everybody’s dream is to make money while playing games but it is not a very easy path. That being said, there are people in gambling who make money consistently. While with most games of chance, you have to be simply lucky to win, you may turn your skill into money in blackjack, poker and sports betting. There are professional poker players playing at online casinos who win more often than not using their excellent strategy, people skills, and experience. 

Problem Gamblers

Problem gamblers are the players who are addicted to casino games. They only make up a small percentage of all online casino players but they generate a significant part of the casinos’ income as they tend to spend a lot of money on games. Reputable online casinos take responsible gambling seriously and if they detect problem gambling behavior they will reach out to the player and stop them from depositing more. However, nothing stops these players from simply going to another casino and continuing playing games there. 

The Casual Players

This is the category where most online casino players fall into. There are many people in online games and casino games who visit just for the excitement and fun. They can afford to lose some money and usually play for small stakes. For example, they can play on a slot machine for an hour and only wager €5-20. 

Casual players tend to play often – e.g. every day after work. They sometimes win and sometimes lose and this is what makes them come back. They often play with their friends, inviting them to casino sites and thus earning casino bonuses for the referrals.  

The High Rollers

High rollers don’t only exist in land-based casinos. In online casinos, you will find high roller tables where the minimum bets are much higher than at the standard tables. The high rollers often lose a lot of money but they can usually afford it. Most of them play typical casino games such as baccarat and roulette but they can be found at the poker tables too or by the slot machines placing maximum bets. 

The Time-killers

You would think that online casinos are only visited by young or youngish people, but then you would be wrong. For example, online bingo is very popular among older ladies – just like attending physical bingo halls in Portugal. To play bingo you don’t need a lot of money and you can spend a very long time there. You can chat with other players and make friends, have conversations, and generally spend time. 


In online casinos, you will find all sorts of people – young and old, men and women, rich and poor. Some are after pure entertainment, some desperately want to win money, some consistently make money and some just want to make new friends.


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