Why You Should Fix Up Your Bathroom Right Now



Toilets truly are the most humble part of the modern home, and when it comes to decor toilets are often neglected in favor of more ostentatious dwellings. Many of us think about decorating the toilets we own – however, we get hit by concerns that it will be a tedious, deeply annoying, and intrusive affair. Some end up doing surface-level alterations just so we can justify our inaction. While this process might look almost unmanageable in its complexity, there are distinct advantages that make redecoration ultimately useful in the long run. We recommend taking a look at victoria Plum for some inspiration. Still unsure about whether to jazz up your bathroom? Read on! 

1. Dripping Waterworks and Pipes

Find your waterworks to be out of order, or even dripping water? It could be because of shoddy work done by manual workers, the design not fitting the plans of the makers or even limited protection against water for older versions. Because of the importance of waterworks to many of the most vital functions of the bathroom, this may cause even bigger problems for those using the lavatory – who haven’t had their day ruined by a non-functional tap or a leaky faucet? While many will be tempted to settle with mere maintenance work, this is a tedious endeavor that may result in ill-fitting bathroom floor decor, as well as curtains that are incompatible with your repaired faucet. 

Redecoration is a solution to your woes, creating a seamless environment for your maintenance work that can blend with the rest of your toilet. This can include redesigning the toilet or even installing modern versions of toilets like those from Japan, which can be activated upon voice command.

2. The Problems are More than Skin Deep

One of the disadvantages of skin-deep maintenance is that it must be repeated sooner or later – the economic logic of simply slapping a band-aid on it only works for a while. Ultimately, the more economical and less tedious option is to do a root-and-branch rework of your porcelain throne, and this could take weeks and a lot of time. However, we believe the benefits ultimately justify the effort – because nothing is worse than a cheap fix that doesn’t do its job. 

The options on offer for this kind of maintenance, particularly for irritating parts of your toilet like pipes and water equipment, can sometimes be too good to be true: they promise to fix equipment without changing the floor surfaces around them, and without the need to rebuild the waterproofing. Ultimately, these choices are a trap more than a benefit, as they can be unreliable and their solutions will usually end up in more broken equipment and money and time wasted. The only lasting solution that avoids constant financial drain is the use of thorough and well-planned redecorations planned by experts.

3. Toxic Chemicals Are In Your Walls

Old homes often suffer from a dual problem: not only is their equipment failing, but the very substance which their homes are made of may also be toxic for outsiders. Lethal substances will force contractors to stop work on renovations before it continues, and will certainly sidetrack your plans for a redecorated toilet if they are found. Hence, owners should conduct appropriate measures to ensure that toxic chemicals are absent before they start. In this way, you can remove the threat and create the clean and aesthetic toilet you’ve always dreamed of! 

4. Better and More Efficient Arrangements for Bathrooms

When it comes to refitting your toilet, there is 1 thing separating the good and the great – efficiency. While acceptable refits usually end with an aesthetic improvement, truly impressive refits can revamp the whole atmosphere and even the “feel” of the room, making it easier to use, more efficient at providing services, and even more spacious. This revamping process offers the opportunity to truly rethink how your toilet works – from overall architecture to the positions of individual installations, the ambiance, and utility of your bathroom can be transformed as well. It might be that once you’re done, your toilet will take pride in place amongst the rooms of your house!

5. Give Your Toilet A Personal Feel

Sometimes the best way to showcase who you are – your flair, your quirky art choices, even your love of weirdly shaped mirrors – can be through the choices you make when redesigning your home. The role of the humble toilet should not be ignored in this regard. Despite popular belief, the colors and design of your toilet can create a unique and distinctive room that shows the best of you. Every element of traditional toilet design is up for grabs: the color of your porcelain throne, the texture of your tiles and your panes, even the material accent of the fittings – with a multitude of options, the sky is the limit and your creativity the starting point for endless adventure.

6. Porcelain Worth A Million Bucks

If a man’s home is his castle, the toilet is surely a key banquet hall – and every banquet hall becomes more expensive and awe-inspiring the more you add to it. For those seeking to sell these castles, however, they also make your package more attractive. If done well and in good taste, the installations of your toilet can ultimately make or break a home sale and bring monetary rewards. 

7. Keeping Your Toilet Leak-Free

Waterworks and pipes that are more than 20 years old have the unhappy propensity to develop leaks and create water spillage. This is more than just a nuisance, however: water corrodes over the long term and your home is likely to suffer the consequences of a leaky pipe long after the responsible party has been replaced. It is therefore imperative that these leaks are identified and their parts replaced as soon as they are found. This costly and tiring endeavor is likely to involve more than one portion of your toilet – to fully protect your toilet against the dangers of leaky water, expert guidance and a full restoration effort may prove necessary. Short-term measures are only going to prove more costly to your wallet and more intrusive to your home life – do not spare any expense when finding quality craftsmanship to fix the problem at its source…

8. Age is the Enemy of all Lavatories

The toilets that most badly need to be refitted or even totally rebuilt tend to be well past their sell-by date. Dysfunctional equipment, severe hygiene problems, and architecture that is usually cracked if it is not outright fragmenting. These post logistical and safety issues to any discerning homeowner. But it’s not just safety and hygiene for homeowners that you should worry about – it’s also about smaller details like how fittings that are no longer in production can turn your toilet into a visual mess when you replace them. Finally, even changes in material and texture can give your porcelain throne an offsetting feel. All this makes a compelling argument for fully restoring your bathroom – it will both improve the ambiance of your room and protect your equipment from degradation or corrosion due to water spillage.  


Although toilets have traditionally gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to home design, they may be its most important feature. Toilets are used for sanitation, to clean the body, to groom oneself, or even just to relieve oneself. The toilet may be humble, but it is inescapable for the homeowner, and for any visitors seeking to experience the house the toilet is a vital part of the overall experience. The bathroom is therefore worthy of so much more attention than it deserves. Homeowners seeking to revamp their homes cannot ignore the possibilities of the toilet – changes to it can make a home more accessible, aesthetic, spacious, and ultimately more valuable to visitors and potential tenants alike.


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