6 Ways An Employment Lawyer In Toronto Can Help You


Employers don’t always do things right when hiring and terminating employees. If you work in Toronto and have been fired or laid off, your employer should issue you a reasonable termination notice. In Canada, proper notice is based on various factors. These include seniority of the position, duration of tenure, similar employment, and salary range.  

If you have an issue at the workplace, hiring an employment lawyer is the best way to protect your rights as a team member. You also get the right advice on the notice you’re entitled to and protect your legal rights to ensure you’re not exploited.  

An employment lawyer in Toronto has the experience and knowledge required to handle workplace issues and help employees when they need legal assistance.  

Here are five ways such a lawyer can help you:  

1. Reviewing Any Job Offers You Receive 

An employment lawyer in Toronto doesn’t only come in handy when you get fired. An attorney can help you when you’re getting started with a new career by reviewing your job offers and employment contracts before you sign them.   

In doing so, the legal expert can check termination clauses carefully to ensure there are no loopholes. An experienced employment attorney like Stacey Ball and other similar firms review all the details in an employment contract and ensures you sign a document that places you in a good place even before starting the new job.

2. Filing Lawsuits For Wrongful Dismissal 

Team member rights are stipulated in employment laws. If your employer violates those laws in the workplace, you need to talk to an employment lawyer in Toronto to get the legal counsel you need if you get fired illegally.  

As a legal expert, your attorney can analyze the conditions surrounding your dismissal and review your employment contract and the law to establish whether there are grounds for filing a lawsuit against your employer.  

Further, the lawyer can provide you with the legal representation you need if you decide to file a lawsuit for wrongful dismissal and ensure that you receive just compensation for illegal termination.  

3. Pursuing Compensation For Workplace Injuries 

Compensation for workplace injuries is among the many cases that employment lawyers in Toronto handle. If you get sick or injured at the workplace, an employment attorney can help you file a claim against your employer. The lawyer can pursue the matter to ensure that you’re compensated fairly for the sickness or injuries, including claiming payment for all initial medical costs, long-term recovery costs, and lost wages.  

4. Negotiating Severance Package  

If your employer fires you illegally, there will likely be attempts to offer you a low severance package to save money. An employment lawyer in Toronto can advise you with legal advice if the severance package your employer offers you is inappropriate based on the current law and context.  

For employees who opt to retire early, consulting an employment attorney can help them prepare a gradual exit plan that meets their needs and those of their employers. Working with a lawyer also addresses any legal issues that can arise from a speedy exit. 

5. Classifying Employees Correctly 

When dismissing employees illegally, some employers try to limit liability by classifying full-time employees as independent contractors intentionally. Most do this because full-time, regular employees are entitled to more benefits than independent contractors.  

Some benefits that employers want to avoid include statutory holiday pay, vacation pay, dental, and other medical benefits. An employment lawyer in Toronto can help you ensure you’re appropriately classified by your employer and enforce your rights in case you’re not. 

6. Protecting You Against Harassment And Discrimination  

Discrimination and sexual harassment are unfortunate incidents that frequently occur in the workplace. Employment laws protect workers from all forms of harassment or discrimination. Getting an employment attorney ensures that you get legal advice on how to handle these situations in the workplace.   

If you’ve been discriminated against or become a victim of sexual harassment at the workplace, getting a good employment lawyer allows you to get the legal guidance you need to pursue justice. Employment lawyers can help you navigate a harassment or discrimination lawsuit since they’re conversant with the law.   

Final Thoughts  

If you work in Toronto, hiring an employment lawyer can help you safeguard your rights in many ways. The lawyer can help you get a fair severance package if you get laid off or fired unlawfully. The attorney can also negotiate a suitable early retirement package and ensure that you are compensated adequately if you get injured at work or fall ill.  

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