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LEADING supplier of specialist building products PermaGroup is celebrating 2021 as its most successful year on record, after effectively implementing new strategies in response to ongoing industry challenges.

This positive end to the year follows four consecutive record-breaking months from January to April, a first in the company’s history, as well as November – resulting in an overall annual turnover increase of 37.5% when compared to 2020, which was previously PermaGroup’s most successful year.

These results are made even more significant when considering the challenging trading conditions of the UK construction industry, including escalating building materials cost and supply pressures further exacerbated by a shortage of HGV drivers.

Adrian Buttress, Managing Director at PermaGroup

Adrian Buttress, managing director of PermaGroup, is confident that the key to the company’s success has been its pro-active, transparent approach at a time when the sector is still recovering.

He said: “Our strategy has been three-pronged: rewarding regular customers for their loyalty, thinking ahead to secure bulk amounts of stock at pre-increase prices and maintaining good trading relationships with key suppliers. We’ve even helped supply fellow building product companies on the occasions they’ve been unable to fulfil orders, and have spent a lot of time securing stock for the first half of 2022 as we anticipate the shortages to continue. It’s been a test but we’ve enjoyed facing the challenge head on.

“Meanwhile, our PermaRoof Commercial team, which launched in December 2020, has also continued to go from strength to strength. It has launched its own CPD courses and successfully secured or completed 35 tenders and specifications on a whole host of different projects across the UK, with a further 37 in progress and many more lined up next year.

“Sustainability has also become a significant focus for us, following the recent buy out of Firestone Building Products by Holcim we’ve ensured we’re in tune with its ambitions and look forward to being a major contributor to sustainable and energy efficient roofing within the UK.”

Committed to helping tackle the industry skills gap, PermaRoof’s Commercial team recently launched a brand-new PermaRoof registered installer card scheme to help upskill aspiring professionals across the country.  

Sunny Lotay, National Commercial Manager at PermaRoof Commercial

Sunny Lotay, national commercial manager for Permaroof Commercial said: “With a reduced workforce across the country due to the ongoing skills gap , it’s never been more important to equip those already in the industry with all-important sector skills, providing projects across the country with a reliable and effective workforce when they need it most.

“It’s essential that projects are carried out by qualified contractors and our new PRI system ensures that PermaGroup and the client can guarantee a quality output on every project.”

Despite the recruitment issues, PermaGroup has continued to make several new appointments throughout 2021, as part of its ambitious growth strategy. In November, five new starters joined across PermaGroup’s brands, including its commercial, operations and customer services departments.

The team also celebrated awards success after clinching the inaugural ‘Disruptor Award’ at the East Midlands Business Master Awards, where it was commended for its forward-thinking approach and the investments it makes into product development and customer initiatives.

Adrian added: “However, that’s not to say this year hasn’t been without its challenges and we’re not out of the woods just yet. The ongoing crises are likely to continue to test us as a sector for at least the first quarter of 2022, so it’s never been more important to ensure we don’t rest on our laurels.

“We have set out some really ambitious plans for the growth and stability of PermaGroup over the next three years and already have a number of exciting projects lined up for 2022, marking a healthy start as we set another bold target – to achieve our third consecutive record-breaking year.”

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