The Most Popular Carpet Colour of 2021

The Most Popular Carpet Colour of 2021

Although carpets have a reputation of being a boring – and typically beige – necessity, 2021 has seen some bolder and brighter carpet colour trends come through, including royal blue, forest green, dusty pink, mustard yellow and geometric patterns. According to, who analysed global Google search volumes, ‘grey’ is the firm favourite among customers buying a carpet, with the colour receiving 88,620 monthly searches.

Whilst the past few years has seen more colourful and exciting carpet options coming through, people have preferred to stick with neutral tones for their interior decorations. As a result ‘grey’ comes in first in the top 10 ranking. Moving away from the simplicity of grey was ‘blue’, which was second on the list with an average of 17,400 monthly searches. The most popular ‘blue’ search terms included midnight, ‘duck egg’, ‘royal’ and ‘teal’ – in terms of blue patterns ‘herringbone’ was amongst the most searched for. 

Third in the top 10 was ‘black’, which reflects darker paint trends of the past few years. The brooding colour had 15,460 average monthly searches, and was followed by white (12,680) and green (11,780). Classic beige also appeared in the top 10, placing in position seven with 7,690 average monthly searches.

The 10 most popular carpet colours of 2021 were: 

  1. Grey: 88,620 monthly searches
  2. Blue: 17,400 monthly searches
  3. Black: 15,460 monthly searches
  4. White: 12,680 monthly searches
  5. Green: 11,780 monthly searches
  6. Brown: 10,190 monthly searches
  7. Beige: 7,690 monthly searches
  8. Patterned: 5,870 monthly searches
  9. Pink: 5,350 monthly searches
  10. Silver: 4,240 monthly searches

Interior designer Rita Chulani said: “For most homes and commercial spaces the durability and neutrality of greys, blacks and blues always works with a modern to bring a warm cohesiveness to most areas. In 2021 there has been a slight turn to warm beiges with a hint of grey to a colour that we have coined as ‘greige’.

“Sticking to neutral beiges and grey carpets certainly helps to follow trends and personal likes for certain colours in fabrics for drapery, cushions and upholstery.” 

Co-founder of Chris Burls said: “There are so many options for carpets whether it’s a large patterned rug or a neutral fitted carpet, it can be the perfect way to bring a room together. It doesn’t just have aesthetic value, it also has great insulation benefits in the colder months and can help to effectively retain heat in a home. 

“Whilst past years have seen more colourful and patterned carpets become more popular, we’re not surprised to see that our research has uncovered that a more neutral colour like grey is the most favoured.”


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