An efficient industrial ventilation system

#9 industrial ventilation system

Industrial fans are the best solution for managing the heat emanating from electrical panels and ensuring a safe working environment. You can choose your industrial ventilation system with fans to adapt to the dimensions, processes and needs of your company.

Let’s see how this works and what are the main differences between the industrial fans for specific purposes.

Why is an industrial ventilation system so important?

The energy consumption inside large factories and industrial warehouses is much higher than the one used in private homes and small buildings. This is why it is important that the electrical panel remains at a constant temperature and does not overheat, causing damage to machinery and risks for workers.

In these cases, fans for electrical panels are the best solution because they allow a constant temperature, consume little energy and keep the parts of the panel in good health, extending their life. In this way the factory consumes less, requires less maintenance and is always perfectly safe.

Depending on the size and needs of the workplace, you can choose a more or less powerful and more or less sophisticated wall or ceiling industrial ventilation system. Here are the various types.

Types of fans for electrical panels

These machines are divided into two macro-categories:

  • Small size filter fans for electrical panels
  • Wider and more powerful roof mounted heat extractors

The choice of one option or the other depends on a number of factors that characterize the place to be cooled.

First of all, the size of the space to be cooled must be evaluated. Then you have to take into account the amount of electricity and consequently the amount of heat that is released from the electrical panel and that is to be blown away by the industrial fans.

Industrial ventilation systems, in fact, suck hot air out from electronic components which, by lowering the temperature, have a longer life and less maintenance needs. At the same time, cold air is sucked out from the work environment to maintain a constant and adequate temperature for both machinery and workers.

Why should you choose this solution?

Fans for electrical panels are a compact solution, small in size and highly efficient, for cooling the air in workplaces with particular characteristics. Remember that you can install them in your workplace, in the wall or ceiling version, only if the place respects these conditions.

  1. The external air has a lower temperature than the internal one.
  2. The air present in the environment has no oily characteristics, nor is it rich in dust.
  3. The space requires a minimal cooling capacity.

If fans are useful for cooling electrical panels, in fact, the same cannot be said for more complex industrial processes that require a much larger and more sophisticated air conditioning system.

In short, an industrial ventilation system is the ideal solution for small rooms where production and factory processes develop little heat and which do not need intense refrigeration. Listen carefully to an expert in industrial ventilation and cooling systems to find the right machinery for your work environment.


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