Coaching with Construction Expert Boosts Profits by £500K

Coaching with Construction Expert Boosts Profits by £500K

Businesses who have enlisted the help of Bhangals Construction Consultants managing director Parm Bhangal saw boosted profits during 2021 thanks to his coaching skills. The construction business coach revealed that his clients experienced an average of £500,000 profit increase after just one year of coaching.

Parm’s extensive industry experience allows him to advise his peers with developed proven methods and strategies that help construction professionals systemise their operations, offer a unique experience to their clients, and grow their business – as well as themselves.

As an award-winning business coach, Parm’s mission is to inspire, encourage and motivate construction and property professionals to strive for better and achieve more. “Enlisting the help of a business coach can give great insight into your company and your leadership. You can glean invaluable nuggets of advice that can help you push your business and your career to the next level,” he said.

“It has been a challenging time for businesses across the board but when it gets hard, you have to put more in. You need a relentless determination to succeed and sometimes some support from a business coach can help you keep that drive and determination.”

Parm’s tailored coaching has supported many businesses to share knowledge and work towards sustainable business growth through strategic thinking. He has numerous approaches to sharing best practice and will take your lead on what you need.

“Coaching is very specific to a person, it is hugely subjective. You might like to be told how to approach a situation but someone else might prefer to be guided through by someone asking the right questions. Do you want information drawn out of you, or do you want to be given the answers?,” he added.

With all the recent challenges in the construction industry, including a worldwide pandemic, skills shortage and supply crisis, it is understandable for business owners to feel unsure in decision making processes and be seeking help. Many need advice on crisis management and how to motivate staff, or tips on how to achieve peak performance in unprecedented circumstances.

Parm says, uncertainty and a knock in confidence is common, but can be rectified. Sharing best practice with other industry professionals can really help move a business forward.

He said: “Despite the recent challenges in the construction industry, business is booming. Companies are struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing demand. If you are in the industry, you must have the right strategies, processes, and methods in place in order to take advantage of the opportunities currently available and have the best chance of growth and good profit margins.

“Business coaching can help you refocus and confidently make changes to help achieve those outstanding results that you covet. The start of a new year is the perfect time for a brand-new approach.”


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