Guide for Students: How to improve architecture Design skills


Architecture studies demand the students always to stay sharp, as the workload slowly increases year after year. Staying on top of all the assignments can be difficult, especially since they mean having a very structured approach to the matter and a creative one. Besides these issues, there is also the issue of constantly improving the design, so here is a guide on how to improve your architecture design skills.

Improve Your Design Skills

1.   Reduce Your Workload

Staying atop all the responsibilities and still finding time to work on your hard skills can be challenging, so being effective with your time is of paramount importance if you want to find a balance that suits you professionally. You can reduce your workload using Writing Universe and then divert a part of your assignments to them and have professional writers take care of a portion of your workload. Use the time you’ve freed up to work on your design skills.

2.   Start With Architecture Around You

As you have a stroll on your way to the lecture hall or when you travel, ensure you check out and absorb as much of the architecture around you as you can. We are not only talking about the Sistine Chappel or the Pantheon – rather, pay attention to modern buildings as well. For example, Zaha Hadid is known for using natural forms in her work, but seeing all the intricacies of her buildings in person is a whole different story.

3.   Use Short Form to Prepare for the Exams

Preparing for any exam takes much longer than it should. The books are too long, and it can be hard finding scripts for all your exams. In that case, you should check out custom essay writing service reviews and choose a writing service that can shorten your textbook for you. This will save you days in the long run and can even save you time during the semester: instead of reading 30-40-page chapters, you can read 5, make notes and rush to the class as prepared as ever.

4.   Use Social Media for Inspiration

Instagram and Pinterest have a very graphic focus that enables any photo to stand up. Use this to your advantage, as you can easily find architecture boards and feeds to follow and always stay informed of the developments in the area. Modern architecture also comes with modern exposure solutions.

5.   Use Online Courses

It is widely known that just doing schoolwork is not enough to enable you to be the best that you can be. For this reason, it is suggested you also take up some online design courses during the semester or even during the summer if the semester is too busy. This will ensure you get to hear different approaches to the same topic and enable you to develop your critical skills when it comes to design.

6.   Take up a Summer Internship

If you want to gain more practical experience in design and see how things are done in the real world, take up an internship program in your city and use the summer the best you can. Summer is a relatively relaxed time, and with little to no schoolwork to do in this period, it is best used to do some practical work and learn from those who work in the field.

Final Considerations

While it is true that architecture studies leave little time for anything else, being smart with your time and resources can help you free up some of that time. Use writing services to help you rather than take over 100% of your work. This way, you can work on your creative skills and ensure your practical design work is noticed.

Ashley Carter

Ashley Carter loves art in any form: from Dali to Beatles. She’s seen it all. In her free time, she loves reading about form and shape theory. She would love to work as a landscape designer in Europe one day.


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