How young installers can make the perfect first impression

William Hanson

William Hanson, the UK’s leading etiquette coach and expert, gives guidance to young installers on how to make the perfect first impression as part of the Future Talent Initiative from Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch is delighted to announce their partnership with etiquette expert, William Hanson, to help educate young installers on how to make the perfect first impression when entering customers’ homes, as part of the ongoing Future Talent Initiative (FTI).

The Future Talent Initiative was launched back in September 2021 and aims to help young installers, apprentices and those new to the sector navigate the start of their careers by providing them with advice spanning many different topics.

The most recent is led by William Hanson a leading etiquette expert, who has developed a bespoke resource to give young installers advice on how to make a strong first impression when interacting with customers in their homes. The video can be viewed below:

As a leading expert in etiquette and CEO of the English Manner, the UK’s most established etiquette and protocol consultancy, William has the right skills and expertise to help young professionals develop their confidence and build strong relationships with their customers.

William commented, “It has been a privilege to work with Worcester Bosch on this Initiative. It is true to say that first impressions do count, so I’m hoping young installers find my advice useful and are able to apply it to their working life.”

Conor Evans, Head of Future Talent at Worcester Bosch, adds, “It has been great to have William onboard for our Future Talent Initiative. General etiquette are invaluable skills that are not necessarily taught at school, so we hope this can help young installers feel prepared when entering a customers’ home for the first time.”

If you are a young installer, an apprentice, or just new to the industry, visit the Worcester Bosch YouTube here to access the Future Talent Initiative series.


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