Protecting an entire construction technology fleet

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Construction technology is a large investment that businesses are usually willing to make to improve operations. However, the construction industry rarely invests in a warranty or service plan to protect new equipment. Here Lisa Cheshire, Inside Sales Specialist at SITECH® UK & Ireland, A Trimble Authorised Dealer, discusses how construction customer Galtec chose to go from no warranty, to a fully protected fleet to help reduce costs.

Galtec provides civil engineering and groundworks for the housing industry throughout south-west England. Protecting their assets and maximising uptime has always been high on Galtec’s agenda but they had not yet invested in a warranty. With expert, money saving guidance from the team at SITECH, they decided to invest in a four-year Trimble Protection Plan on all 14 of their Trimble kits. In doing this Galtec have minimised the risk of unexpected, costly call outs and covered the cost of routine recalibration and replacements.

Businesses typically protect their fleet in different ways, depending on the age of their technology. Newer products remain under factory warranty for set periods of time. Further protection can be taken out as warranties end, ensuring that they are always fully protected. There is flexibility to choose how long components are protected for and protection can cover selected set periods. For instance, if a construction business has a large job that is running for a year, they can take protection out on the equipment just for that period. Galtec chose to invest in protecting its technology fleet on an ongoing basis by opting for a four-year plan, meaning they will not have to renew their plan during this time.

“Our fleet protection plan has given us the peace of mind that we won’t have any unexpected bills to pay if machines break down in the middle of a job for the next four years,” explained Jim Swift, GPS Manager at Galtec. “When a part needs to be taken off site and repaired, SITECH quickly turns the part round, so we have as little downtime as possible.”

“Galtec immediately understood the value that the Trimble Protection Plan would give” Carl Parsons, Regional Sales Manager at SITECH UK & Ireland explained. “The cheapest technology part to replace typically costs more than an entire year’s warranty, so Galtec will quickly see a return on investment as its parts are recalibrated, serviced and replaced over time.”

Compared to the costs of a construction machine, investing the small cost to fully protect a fleet from any eventuality and get access to experienced technology professionals will provide clear return on investment. To find out more about reducing downtime on your construction site, visit the website or call Lisa Cheshire to start the discussion about your Trimble Protection Plan options on 07736631988. 


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