Upgrade your living room with wall sconces

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Some things never change, some others do. Your whole living room’s vibe, for instance. You can have a brand new room just by changing the lighting design and wall light fixtures. Follow 2022’s trends in order to upgrade your family room for the year to come.

Some of these trends are here to stay, others are passing, but they will all make your home trendy and stylish. Same goes for a hotel’s main hall or a restaurant’s waiting room.

Choose the right wall light fixtures

The living room is the most useful space in your home. This is where you welcome guests, share quality time with your family, help your children doing their homework, relax or plan for the next big adventure. This is why you need to make it comfortable, warm and bright.

Also, try to brighten up the space with colorful and stylish accent pieces that will give a trendy vibe to the most important room in your home. How should you do that? Follow these trends for 2022 design, colors and styles.

1.   Back to the ‘70s

A huge trend both in fashion and home decor is the Seventies’ vibe. How can you get it from wall light fixtures? Choose bright colors and simple lines in order to highlight a psychedelic wallpaper or a special feature in your living room.

Happiness and nostalgia should be your guidelines. As opposed to the complex geometries of the ‘90s, vintage lamps inspired by the Seventies are simple yet optimistic.

2.   A recall to serenity

Just like the serenity blue color is for Pantone, the serenity vibe in home decor is suited to give your home a peaceful and relaxed feeling. You can obtain it by using pastel colors, soft textures and an angelic light.

In wall light fixtures, this translates into simple shapes, lots of cotton and silk, the paler hues of wood and a diffused light coming from the sconces.

3.   Industrial style wall lamps

Industrial style is everywhere nowadays, but how can you find it in wall light fixtures? Just like pendant lights, sconces with a single bulb are perfect to achieve this goal. A rough, unfinished vibe creates the illusion of industrial design.

You can arrange different light bulbs on the wall in order to create shapes, letterings and other brilliant designs. Just remember not to submit form to functionality: your wall lights should be as useful as they are beautiful.

4.   Geometric shapes

This is the perfect kind of wall light fixtures for a minimalistic home. Geometrical lamps highlight the neat and tidy aesthetic of your space with a little sparkle. Choose a metallic sconce or a circular elastic fabric for your lamp and make it the centerpiece of your walls.

If you want a more eccentric, creative style, try pairing up different shapes. A triangle and a circle, a square and a clean line will give a futuristic look to your living room.

5.   Sculpture-like design

A designer wall light fixture is like a piece of art. The masters of lighting design find the perfect balance between form and function for accent fixtures that will illuminate both your home and your personal style.

Choose unusual shapes, recycled materials, accent colors to create art with your wall lamps. Trust your lighting designer completely: they know how to leave your guests speechless.


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