5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Commercial Overhead Door


Commercial overhead doors are essential across different industries and are used by retail stores, garages, and warehouses. But despite their importance, most business owners downplay their significance and instead only concentrate on other matters such as inventory, buying equipment, and creating a suitable interior décor. However, it would help if you never did this, or else you risk compromising certain aspects of your business, such as security, convenience, and workflow.  

For that reason, identifying the perfect commercial overhead door takes time, extensive research, and patience. This makes this process a lot more exhausting for you, as the business owner, due to the many factors you need to consider. To help ease this process, find more here on the vital things that’ll help you pick out a suitable commercial overhead door.  

1. Usage 

It would be best to start by first understanding your business needs to know which commercial overhead door to buy. This means examining your company’s traffic to identify the best commercial overhead door depending on your needs. For instance, if you run a warehouse or body shop, you’ll only need to open the door several times during the day. A heavy-duty commercial overhead door is an excellent pick in such a case. 

In contrast, you should get a lighter commercial overhead door ideally made from aluminum if it’s to be placed in a high-traffic area such as the security gate. With this in mind, it’s always best to examine the commercial overhead door’s operational frequency to determine which model best suits your business needs.  

2. Security Features  

The last thing you want a business owner is a fragile door, as this compromises the safety of your company’s equipment and inventory. After all, losing such inventory and equipment can result in a significant financial loss for your business, and recovering from such a setback can be a challenge. This is why you need to invest in a commercial overhead door with a robust build quality to be able to capably withstand any attempts by burglars to break into your business. Moreover, this is crucial because this door will be exposed to your company’s outside.  

Besides robust build quality, the commercial overhead door should also incorporate other safety features to enhance security further, and this includes; 

  • Automatic deadlocks 
  • Inclusion of outdoor and indoor locks 
  • Coded keypads 
  • Preprogrammed mechanisms 

With all these security features, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your commercial overhead door can capably withstand any breaking in attempts.  

3. Materials 

Another thing you must consider is the choice of material for your commercial overhead door. After all, you want your entry to be robust and resilient enough to withstand daily usage, as well as guarantee the safety of your valuables inside. The choice of material also impacts your company’s exterior aesthetics, with the most common picks being aluminum, steel, and vinyl. 

If you want a commercial overhead door that’ll last for an extended period, steel and aluminum are the perfect picks. This is because steel’s robust nature makes it resistant to dents and corrosion. You can also customize it depending on your unique preferences. In contrast, aluminum is equally resistant to corrosion but is softer than steel, thus dents easily but lightweight making it easy to open and close.     

4. Insulation 

You want all your employees and customers to feel comfortable during the day while inside your business premises. This is why you should invest in an insulated commercial overhead door that boosts the energy efficiency inside the building. As a result, you’ll manage to keep winter cold and summer heat, thus creating a more energy-efficient environment.  

When shopping for an insulated overhead door, it’s best to choose one with a higher R-value rating. In the long run, this will help you lower your energy consumption, hence cutting down your business expenses. An insulated overhead door will also help protect your business premises from extreme weather elements such as snow, ice, wind, and rain. 

5. Fire Safety 

Many business facilities have possible fire hazards due to open flames or chemicals, materials, or commercial infrastructure that can quickly catch fire. Because of this, it’s best to take preventive fire safety measures to guarantee everyone’s safety in the event fire breaks out in the business facility. One such preventive measure is installing a fire-resistant commercial overhead door to enhance fire safety. 


A highly functional commercial overhead door is crucial in promoting operational flow, ensuring productivity, and safeguarding all your company’s assets. But identifying the right commercial overhead door for your needs due to the many options makes it challenging to determine which one best satisfies your business needs. This shouldn’t be an issue anymore after this guide has detailed insights on the things to look for to help you pick the best commercial overhead door. 


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