Essential Design Elements for the Perfect Master Bedroom


Your master bedroom should be the most relaxing and peaceful spot in your home, where you can simply relax and unwind. As a result, the design elements should be nothing short of spectacular. You should feel welcomed as soon as you enter your room, thanks to furniture items from a reputable retailer such as Eva Australia, as well as the paint and aroma. This article will teach you everything you need to know about designing your master bedroom and how to hit the nail on the head when it comes to doing so.

So let’s begin:

The color schemes

The first and foremost element when it comes to designing your bedroom is the color scheme you decide to go with. As a general rule, you should go for hues that are soft to the eyes, so much so soft shades like pink, light blue, lilac, or tan may be fit for the bedroom. The issue that is prevalent with adding very vibrant colors is that they keep the energy busy, making sleeping hard.

Suppose you are using wallpaper; try to use subtle and chilled art. For instance, you may have a forest or a beach mural, which is always associated with relaxing and unwinding.

The mattress and headboard

The mattress is yet another design element that will definitely change how your bedroom looks and feels. There are numerous kinds and designs in the market, so select one that is comfortable fits your bed like a glove.

When it comes to the headboard, you also have to factor in your nighttime habits. For instance, if you are a reader, before hitting the sack, select one that has cushioning so that your back is secure and comfy as you read.

To get the best of both, always test them out first at the store before buying them.

Lighting fixtures

Next, you need to include light fixtures that accentuate the room’s appearance. Again, if you are a reader, including a bedside nightshade lamp may be a very wise decision. These lamps are great since they only produce soft light, and if someone else is sleeping in the room, they do not get distracted by the main ceiling light just because you have to read.


The bedding you decide to use is also a critical element that will make your master look grand. These include the pillow you select, which also involves an accents pillow that is a design element rather than a functional element. For extra synchrony, you may match the duvet cover pattern to some of the pillows covers. Some people also go ahead and create curtains with the same pattern.

Each of the bedding elements should be characteristically soft, comfortable, breathable, and easy on your skin for maximum relaxation.

Furniture in the room

The next big thing to add to your master bedroom is a deliberate list of furniture. In this case, besides the bed, you may add a side table where you would ideally add the lampshade and even your reading glasses and books. Another item you may add is a storage ottoman where you would place your accent pillows and bedding.

If you have enough room, an accent chair should also be part of the decor in your room. Be sure to match the color scheme to the hue of that seat. All these pieces and more can be found on Eva Australia to match your aesthetics.


Yet another element that could elevate the look in your bedroom are the curtains you decide on. As aforementioned, you may match them up to the bedding color or pattern or simply go for an independent shade. But one thing you should note is to ensure is that the curtains are the entire length of the wall and almost touching the floor. They should never be too long as that will make them appear tacky. Also, if they are too long, they may get dirty as fast. So keep them away from the ground.

Take away

Your master bedroom should look and feel relaxing, and the above elements may help you achieve just that. You may choose to add a carpet if the floor tends to get cold, but that depends entirely on you and what you prefer.


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