Industry Leaders and Studies prove that Sustainable Construction Materials are a Priority


The world has changed and keeps changing rapidly. Mentalities are playing a stronger role than ever, in the evolution of our world. The construction industry cannot be left out of these changes, as consumers go forward. Sustainability is at the top of their agenda, and so it should be as well, when it comes to construction materials.

Becoming eco-friendly

It is certainly not a new topic in our lives. For decades we have heard leaders of the world promising changes. However, the new generations have decided that it was time to do more than just talk. Actions are being taken, in every industry sector, in order to secure the future of our world. That means, for the construction industry, that it has to rethink the materials it is using. The eco-friendly ones, like aluminium, need play a larger role. Aluminium doors and windows such as the ones found at, have proven through their durability and their energy-saving capacities that it is the material for a sustainable construction industry.

If there was any doubt of the will of the people to continue working on a les polluted environment, and a safer world for humans, plants and animals, the latest MasterCard data is proving it wrong. More than half of their consumer think that it is more important than before (pre-pandemic time) that companies act in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. They expect this from all industry sectors, including housing, which is even more important than other fields, since it is where they live and spend time with their family.

Where Improvements can be made

Choosing the materials that will be used to build a house, is the first and most important element that the industry can work on, in order to become more eco-friendly. There is no doubt that aluminium is and will be part of this revolution. That is because this material is a much better choice for the environment then others, such as PVC and timber. If you study the life of aluminium, you will come to learn that more than 75% of what has been extruded from the ground, is still being used today. Its capacity to be recycled is unequal to any other materials used on houses. When you put it back to work, you also need less energy than to create new products. Finally, it is a very light material. That means it costs less to ship and that it emits fewer emissions in the process.

Energy saving

When you replace old doors and windows by aluminium ones, you save energy. That is because they are built to keep the cold or warm air inside. Therefore, you don’t have any waste, either going out or coming in. With double pane windows, the sun coming through is being regulated so that the house doesn’t become an oven in summer time. It works the same way in winter, by ensuring that the cold weather doesn’t find its way inside the various rooms.

Sustainability, in the construction industry, is to be taken seriously. The whole world is moving forward in order to create a better world, and housing needs to do its part.


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