Mitsubishi Electric launches the perfect fresh air solution for residential dwellings


Mitsubishi Electric has launched a residential range of Lossnay Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems to provide clean and healthy air for homes. The addition to the renowned Lossnay range is designed specifically for the UK housing market and makes energy efficient, super-quiet ventilation accessible to even more homes.

The residential Lossnay is designed to extract stale air continuously and efficiently from spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, and utility rooms where air can become polluted with high humidity, fumes and chemicals. The system replaces indoor air with filtered fresh air from outside. It also minimises the amount of energy lost by recovering the heat from the extracted air and transferring it to the supply of fresh air, so that it is nearer to the required indoor temperature.

“The quality of indoor air is an important factor for health and wellbeing and the new residential Lossnay can help to ensure there is a constant flow of fresh air in our homes, and that potentially harmful pollutants and chemicals are being removed” said Hern Yau, Product Manager for Ventilation at Mitsubishi Electric. “Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the heat recovery feature also ensures as much energy as possible is reused from the extracted air”.

The system is designed to operate continuously at ultra-low noise levels, making it the ideal solution for residential homes and apartments where comfort is key. Occupants can enjoy all the super-quiet, fresh air benefits of effective ventilation, without wasting energy.

The new residential range comes with optional NOx (nitrogen oxide) and particulate matter filtration, with a unique third filter pocket which can be used for additional filtration of NOx emissions. This means that buildings in even the most polluted environments can be supplied with clean, healthy air, and the inbuilt filter provides easy access for regular maintenance.

“Ventilating our indoor spaces is more important than ever, but we also need to be as energy efficient as possible” adds Hern Yau, “This new Lossnay will deliver good indoor air whilst recovering energy to minimise waste.”

A built-in automatic summer bypass also allows the units to bring in fresh air from outside without recovering heat, in order to reduce the risk of overheating. This provides the ideal solution for cooling down a dwelling that may have overheated during the day once the outside temperature has dropped in the evening. Using temperature sensors, the unit can automatically enter bypass mode when it detects the space is hotter than desired and the outside air is cool enough.

A built-in LCD controller allows for easy control and commissioning of the unit, and offers a clear display showing normal, boost, and purge modes. Up to four speed settings can be commissioned digitally to ensure constant and accurate settings.

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