Latest research survey calls for architect feedback to improve educational offering

A new survey has been launched by NBS, a leading specification and product information platform for the construction industry, and RIBA (The Royal Institute of British Architects) to find out how architects and specifiers are using RIBA-approved CPDs (Continuing Professional Development).

The RIBA CPD Providers Network survey will help monitor satisfaction levels as a springboard for improvement, delivering a deep dive into the most popular topics covered and ways to increase programme effectiveness in the digital era.

Each year, RIBA Chartered Members are required to achieve 35 hours’ worth of CPD, as part of their continual development. Through CPD delivered by experts from manufacturers and advisory bodies, accredited by the RIBA CPD Providers Network, architects are able to stay up to date on industry changes to deliver the highest quality services to clients.

Through the survey, NBS and RIBA aim to pinpoint how CPD is evolving and how new formats can quickly disseminate pertinent information about major changes in the industry whilst meeting the needs of a faster-paced, more technologically savvy workforce.

NBS is now calling on architects and specifiers to offer their opinions to inform this year’s report and help identify some of the barriers to success, to ultimately improve the future success of RIBA-approved CPDs.

David Bain, Research Manager at NBS, said: “It’s been five years since our last RIBA CPD Research Report and the industry has changed significantly in that time. In a sector that’s undergone such a dramatic transformation, particularly with the swift turn to digital adoption, we want to find out what’s important to specifiers and architects so we can enhance their learning potential in the years to come and propel new recruits to close the skills gap.

“Specifically, we’ll be drilling down into the preferred ways of doing CPD and whether or not that has changed since the pandemic. We’ll also look at what format and content are most beneficial to them and the importance of RIBA accreditation when it comes to reviewed and approved content.”

Once the results have been collated, the findings will be produced into a 2022 report due out in May this year. Those that choose to take part will then receive an early copy of the report, ahead of general release.

Joni Tyler, RIBA Head of CPD, said: “RIBA-approved Providers Network CPDs have set the blueprint when it comes to quality – providing a distinct advantage over non-approved CPD materials.

“We’ve seen a huge shift to digital CPDs over the past 18 months and with so much development in the industry we want to ensure that architects are getting exactly what they need.

“This will also be a hugely useful exercise for companies looking to present or host CPDs, gaining a deeper understanding of how to effectively communicate with their architect and specifier audiences – what drives them and what makes them tick.

Architects and other specifiers interested in taking part in the survey can do so by clicking here. The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete and respondents will receive a copy of the report automatically once published. For every completed response, NBS will donate £1 to the UK construction industry charity CRASH.


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