Silenta Extreme wins “Innovative Product Award” at the Golden Plumb International Building Catalog Awards


GF Hakan Plastik has been awarded the “Innovative Product in Construction Building Catalog Special Award” for its GF Silenta Extreme piping system at the 27th annual “Golden Plumb International Building Catalog Awards” organized by YAPI KATALOĞU.

YAPI KATALOĞU is Turkey’s first and only material catalog that has been in publication since 1973. Their Golden Plumb International Awards (“ALTIN ÇEKÜL Uluslararası Yapı Kataloğu Ödülleri”) were given out in three main categories: for innovative products, legal ideas and industry marketing.

GF Hakan Plastik has been providing top-quality plastic pipes since 1965 and, since 2013, has been part of the GF Piping Systems family. The Turkish-manufacturer GF Hakan plastic pipe solutions meet the highest requirements in construction standards. GF Silenta Extreme is a polypropylene-based formulation that does not contain any halogen group elements, fully complying with fire regulations. In addition to exhibiting a highly resistant performance against combustion (B-s1; d0) according to EN 13501, it prevents the release of halogenic gases, one of the most damaging greenhouse gases to nature, both in production and during combustion.

GF Silenta Extreme has a sound performance of 18 dB(A) at 4 l/s according to EN14366 standard with its silence clamps. Silenta Extreme, with its smooth inner layer, excellent flow performance; absorption of sound waves with its high molecular structure middle layer; with its durable outer layer, it is resistant to high temperatures, impacts and UV. The system, which received the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) by fulfilling the requirements of ISO 14025 / 21930 and EN 15804 A1 and A2, has also recorded its environmental impacts transparently.

On behalf of GF Hakan Plastik, Ozan Kovancı, Head of Product Management and Innovation, received the award from the architect Ayşe Hasol (Has Mimarlık) at the ceremony held on Thursday, January 13, 2022. “There is more to an innovative pipe than meets the eye: It must be resistant to fire, sound-proofed, and, of course, watertight, especially for sewage pipes. If then additionally, it is also sustainable, then it’s what we strive for, precisely GF Hakan Plastik’s specialty,” he states.

After the award ceremony, the awarded products were presented to all guests at the opening of the ALTIN ÇEKÜL Awards exhibition.


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