Closing the gaps on unsafe fire stopping systems


New white paper addresses challenges and highlights a clear four-point plan to drive up standards

Built-in fire stopping experts, FSi Limited, have published a white paper that aims to close the gaps that are perpetuating the ineffectual and unsafe specification and installation of cavity barrier systems.

In the white paper, FSi uses its expert insight to identify gaps in the specification and installation processes for cavity barrier systems, which are contributing to poor safety standards and inconsistencies across the industry.

Despite playing a pivotal role in passive fire protection, cavity barriers can be a hidden part of the total construction process. There is disparity around who is responsible for specifying the systems at which stage of a project. And further lack of clarity during the actual specification stage, which sees generic systems specified instead of a specific manufacturer of system type, which regularly results in inconsistencies in safety standards.

The regulation pertaining to the cavity barriers is also not as clear as it could be. Despite there being a much larger range of systems and façades available today, the same regulations apply regardless of the type of product and how complex the building environment is.

In the white paper FSi gives an overview of the current regulations and highlights four practical recommendations to address the gaps, including calls for the introduction of a nationally recognised, accredited installer programme, and putting greater emphasis on early collaboration and engagement with all parties at the outset of a build or refurbish project. It also includes a detailed step by step guide to selecting the right cavity barrier products and systems per project.

“Ensuring cavity barrier systems provide the correct level of protection relies on a collective and responsible approach by manufacturers, specifiers, installers and building owners,” explains Liam Blears, Business and Technical Development Manager at FSi.

“As the industry expert we are determined to lead the way, by driving the changes needed across the industry to improve standards and eliminate the ineffective and unsafe specification and installation of cavity barrier systems.” Download the free white paper here, or visit


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