Factors to Consider When Looking for Accountants for the Construction Industry


Construction business accounting tends to differ from general accounting when it comes to construction business. Therefore, hiring someone specialising in laws, regulations, and techniques is necessary.

Understanding the financial technicalities is essential if you want to put accounting matters in the right direction and enhance your business growth.

Hiring accountants for construction industry will help maintain the accounting records, understand the expenses, and grow the company.

Benefits Of Hiring Construction Accountants

Hiring a reputed construction accountants firm can be highly beneficial for a construction company. Here are some of the benefits of receiving their services:

  1. Taxation

Taxes and regulations are something that a construction company cannot ignore. Every day the taxation laws and other regulations keep changing. In this light, having a team of experts working can be pretty helpful.

Accountants are well aware of the taxes and everything related to the construction sector. They can guide and help meet the tax requirement, reducing liabilities’ risk.

  1. Understanding The Expense

Various factors like equipment, tools, staff, crew, etc., are significant sources of company expense. However, not controlling the costs can lead to reduced revenue and profit. This can harm the finances of the company in the long term.

Accountants can help keep the expenses in check and help plan the flow of money through various business departments. This will help keep the expenditure within the budget and help reach the long-term growth goals.

  1. Strategic Planning

When it comes to a business, different decisions are needed to be taken regarding capital investments. Accountants can help bring more significant financial decisions like capital budgeting and growth planning. They will help understand each asset’s risk and reward and the imminent tax implications of each decision.

Finding The Right Accountant

It would help if you kept in mind different factors while looking for an experienced construction accountant. Let’s see some of these factors:

  1. Experience

The first thing that you should pay attention to is the experience of the construction accountants. What projects they have worked in and their field of operations are two things you should pay attention to.

Check the reviews and testimonials from past clients to get an idea about the satisfaction level of the services.

  1. Credentials

Credentials, licensing, and certifications are factors that will define an accountant’s skill level and knowledge. An accountant should be certified by ACA or FCA. Also, they should be recognised by ICAEW, which monitors the ethics of the accountants in the field.

  1. Tools They Use

One of the most crucial factors you need to pay attention to is the service provider’s tools and software. Most of the accountants for the construction industry prefer to work with cloud accounting software that can be easily integrated with the company’s IT framework.

It is imperative to ask about the chosen software, its benefits, and how it matches the existing systems.

  1. Services They Provide

Every construction accountant company tends to provide a range of services to their clients. It would help if you learned about their services and which ones align with the company objective and requirements.

One should also check if the construction accountants company has indemnity insurance coverage.

  1. Pricing

Every service provider will have its pricing. You should decide what your company’s current budget bracket is and where precisely the construction accountants fit in. talk about the cost of each service, the add-ons, and discounts you can get. Ask about their charges on VAT, tax digital, and CIS.

Also, you should discuss the payment terms. Some companies ask for full payment, while others work around with monthly payments.

  1. Way Of Working

Lastly, you should pay attention to the experts working on the accounting team. Talk to the accountants, and understand the flow of work and their communication skills. They should be open to communicating, sharing honest opinions, and having a fair way of judging a situation.

Specialised accountants are trained to handle sector-specific taxation, laws, regulations, and financial requirements. You can pay attention to the business’s operations while taking the accounting part of it.


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