Home Staging: increasing the attractiveness of objects for sale


Home staging is a trend from the United States that is now becoming more and more widespread. It involves decorating properties for sale to make them look more appealing. Individual rooms are staged, meaning they are furnished in a homely manner. Hence, it is possible in many cases to sell the house quickly and at a high price. However, the question arises whether such techniques are necessary when demand clearly exceeds supply. In this article, we explain why home staging is useful and what needs to be considered.

Why is home staging advantageous?

In most cases, the previous owners leave the house completely cleared out and empty. As a result, many brokers face a problem with the sale. According to experts, most potential buyers lack the necessary imagination to see their fully furnished and comfortable home in front of them instead of a bare room. Furthermore, potential buyers often have difficulties imagining whether their own furniture will fit in the rooms. has an article on what to expect when you buy a home in 2022. Another problem is that apartments often look very dilapidated, for instance, due to a yellowed ceiling or wallpaper in disrepair. Hardly anyone can imagine such properties as an ideal new home. For this reason, home staging is mainly used for older, smaller properties or properties in need of renovation. With the help of the furnished and handcrafted rooms, it can be seen whether a large bed, sofa, or wardrobe would fit in the room and what a potential layout of the room would look like. Moreover, colorful wallpapers, pictures, cozy blankets, and a few plants create a feel-good atmosphere that makes visitors immediately want to curl up on the couch in order to watch a good movie or play games on a console. Those who don’t want an Xbox or PlayStation in their setup can also switch to online games, which can now be conveniently played on a smartphone, such as casino games. There are comparison portals that help players find reputable casinos and discover the best bonus offers. There are lots of European providers, but there are also South African casinos. If you have some South African rand (ZAR), there are operators that accept them, and the best of them can be found on There’s an overview of each operator and their most important features in brief. This way, users can make a solid choice and get to the selected provider with one click. The comparison platform is free of charge. And who knows – maybe you’ll win something that will make the new apartment much more affordable. Even though real estate prices are currently very high and apartments are usually sold quickly, home staging is still a useful method. It speeds up the buying process, as sellers decide more quickly to buy an apartment or house in which they feel comfortable and in which they can better imagine a cozy interior. The fast sales process saves costs for the real estate agent. Additionally, older buildings with a few flaws can hardly be sold any other way.

What are the costs of home staging and how do experts work?

Home staging increases the attractiveness of the property, which also means a higher purchase price. That’s why more and more real estate agents worldwide are turning to professional decorators to stage the property and create the ideal home with the help of homely elements such as pictures, comfortable sofas, and pleasant lighting. In order to achieve this, agents are also willing to spend some money. For staging an apartment with 1000 square feet, 2500 to 3000 pounds are estimated, plus the cost of renovation work by craftsmen. Home stagers are most often hired by real estate agents prior to a showing in order to make a quicker sale for their clients. But more and more private sellers are also turning to home stagers and hiring experts to remodel living spaces to promote sales. Depending on the clientele and the property, they adapt the kitchen, bathroom, and other living spaces in consultation with the client. The optimal staging of the property follows the design and aesthetic rules. Home stagers work specifically with laws of perception and spatial illusions to fully use the potential of the property. Particular attention must be paid to the cut of the room as well as light and color effects. According to the effort, a home stager needs about three to five days for a job. Since the concept is very promising and the purchase price rises by the decoration, such investments are made by the brokers ever more frequently.


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