How Often Should You Clean Your Facility?


Regular office cleaning is critical to ensuring a healthy work environment. It makes the workplace more enjoyable for personnel and visitors while minimizing the danger of spreading sickness. Whether you own a restaurant, a big office, or any other kind of workplace, keeping up with the clutter is a significant undertaking! However, how often should you clean, and may you profit from the services of a professional janitorial services company? When designing a strategy for adequately cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces in your company or institution, several variables have to be addressed. It is critical to examine the room’s surfaces to identify the most efficient technique for keeping bacteria, germs, and viruses from spreading.

Find Out All The Factors That Contribute To Needing Cleaning

How often are surfaces touched? Frequently touched surfaces, such as light switches and doorknobs, will need more care. Clean all of the high-touch surfaces at least once a day; more regular cleaning may be required in some instances. Who is the most frequent occupant of the space? Suppose the surfaces are regularly used and handled by individuals who may be more susceptible to infections, such as the elderly or those with weakened immune systems. In that case, your cleaning regimen may need to be more frequent or strict and may necessitate disinfection methods. How many people are currently working at your company on a daily basis, including visitors, clients, and any other individuals who may come and depart? If you own a small company with a few employees, you may be able to get away with a weekly clean. Bathrooms and the kitchen or food preparation facilities should be cleaned at the end of each workday, even if your crew is small.

A medium-sized workplace with about 20 employees may need two or three cleanings every week. Large enterprises with a large workforce may require daily or perhaps multiple daily cleanings, particularly in the restroom and kitchen areas. Similarly, if the site is frequented by small children who may not always wash their hands correctly or mask their coughs or sneezes, it may be required to clean more regularly or implement disinfection measures.

What Surfaces Are You Working With?

Each business or institution will have a variety of surfaces and equipment that employees or several individuals regularly handle. It will be critical to disinfect these surfaces and items regularly. In public bathrooms, surfaces such as door handles, desks, light switches, phones, and faucets will need to be cleaned and disinfected at least two times daily, and maybe more often, depending on the degree of usage. Other items that need thorough washing and disinfection in public settings include shopping cards and keypads at self-checkout facilities. Between each use, these things should be cleaned and disinfected.

To thoroughly clean and disinfect hard and non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal, or plastic, unique materials and procedures are required. Soft and porous materials and surfaces, like your carpets, rugs, seats, and cushions, are often more challenging to disinfect than hard and impervious surfaces. Cleaning and disinfecting products for these things will need to be thoroughly examined to ensure their safety.

What Should You Do?

Clean surfaces and items that are often touched by employees or consumers at least once a day. It will be critical to keep a schedule for cleaning these surfaces and record when they are cleaned daily to adhere to established guidelines. Suppose you have the resources to commit part-time or full-time workers to cleaning. In that case, you may be able to hire janitorial services or custodial staff to perform all of the essential cleaning activities on a roster basis. Reviewing the EPA’s authorized list of cleansers and disinfectants is vital. Achieve that you follow all manufacturer’s label directions to ensure the maximum degree of efficacy, concentration, dilution, application techniques, contact time, and any other specific application instructions.

Why Use Professional Janitorial Services?

When determining the most successful method of disinfecting the surfaces in your business, it is prudent to consult with professionals in disinfection and sanitation. Why do it yourself and worry about doing all possible to safeguard your employees and customers when specialists are appropriately educated to create and maintain correct procedures and have access to the latest supplies, equipment, application techniques, and know-how? Concentrate on your main business and leave the heavy lifting to a professional janitorial services company that can help you keep your office clean and safe. 


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