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Keeping the store lights on is the first rule of retail, but with increasing energy costs, many high-street names are seeking ways to reduce consumption without hitting the off switch. Whilst many retailers already recognise the benefit of installing LEDs, some aren’t aware of the further significant savings to be made through lighting controls, as Ben Brunton, Lighting Controls Specialist at Prime Light explains. 

Efficientlighting is one of the easiest ways to reduce outgoings for retailers and the savings are palpable as, unlike heating, it’s so easy to measure. Whether you are looking to capitalise on the efficiencies of installing a brand-new system or have an existing lighting infrastructure that would benefit from the easy addition of a hybrid control solution, there’s an option for everyone to secure some dramatic results.

The major saving for many retailers comes out of hours. We’re currently working with a large UK retailer that is installing lighting controls into an existing LED infrastructure across their estate. By dropping the lighting output overnight, they not only create an improved working environment for employees, but they’ll also save 80% of lighting energy costs for 12 hours every day, recouping the cost of the control product within six months.

However, it’s not just in the hours of darkness that savings can be made. Generally, retail units are over-lit, so in the day you can also drop the lighting output to 70% with no detrimental impact to the retail environment or risk of breaching lux output requirements. And as they are integrated into the existing in-house building management system, lighting controls work seamlessly in-store. There’s no need for any manual adjustments or risk of the lights going down in a late-night opening.

The other real bonus of lighting controls is the instant impact that can be achieved. Not only can solutions be added to existing infrastructure so there’s little disruption in-store, but the systems can also be immediately commissioned by the contractor, meaning no delay in realising the benefits of a hefty commissioning bill.

With an average energy saving of 40% across an estate, lighting controls are unquestionably one of the best ways for retailers to reduce energy costs beyond LEDs. 

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